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News and Events

  75th Annual Southern Sociological Society
Hotel Montelone
March 21-24, 2012
New Orleans, Louisiana
Three faculty members and three graduate students spent Spring Break in New Orleans to present original research at the 2012 Southerns.
"The Blame Game: Analyzing the Institutional Failures Underlying the Deepwater Horizon Disaster" Todd Matthews
Neema Noori
"Dr. Internet Will See You Now: A Content Analysis of Prescription Drug Information Online"  Katie McIntyre Reece
"Neoliberalism and the Charter Coup: Public Education in Post-Katrina New Orleans"  J. Katie Harris
"Protest and Presidential Voting: Biographical vs. Structural Precipitants of Political Participation (1965-1997)"  Winston Tripp
"Promoting Critical Consciousness in the Desert: An Evaluation of a Peace Corps Sponsored Program in Morocco"  Joseph Stincer

2011 Annual Meeting of the Georgia Sociological Association
October 20-22, 2011
Hampton Inn
Savannah, Georgia

The University of West Georgia was very well represented at the 2011 GSA meeting in Savannah.  Sessions were lively and represented a wide-range of interests and topics.  The meetings presented a great way to network and connect not only with fellow UWG sociologists, but also with our colleagues across the state and the region.

Session:  Teaching: Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Neema Noori was part of a lively panel discussion on the topic of technological innovations in the classroom; specifically the environment of the online classroom for both teachers and students of sociology.

Student Paper Session: Race, Space, and Economy
“Students in the Black Market Since the Recession”
Susanna Sierra
Joshua Reitz
Tiffany Jenkins

Session: Changing Social Institutions, Policy, and Beyond
“The Tea Party in Georgia: A Rural and Decentralized Social Movement Hybrid?
Cambria Moon

Session: Research in Women’s Studies
Moderator/Organizer – Tiffany A. Parsons

“Gender as Religion: A Theoretical Contribution”
Sara Simonis

“Police Brutality in the American Home”
Jessica Madruga

“Amazon Women: From Historical Reality to Myth to Current Influence”
Ashley Quartey

Session: Global, Local, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
“The Navajo Uranium Legacies: An Analysis of Policy”
Dixie Curley

“Globalized Islam: American Assimilation of Muslim Communities”
Joseph Stincer

Session: To Be (Applied) or Not to Be (Applied)? Is that the Question?  Applied Sociology in Georgia
Dr. Todd L. Matthews was a panelist in a session about the state of applied sociology in Georgia, focusing especially on the development and implementation of applied sociology programs in the colleges and universities around the state.