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Undergraduate Program

B.S. Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior. Through the use of both research and theories, sociologists develop understandings of complex forms of human behavior. Students in the BS degree program in Sociology learn about the very fabric of social relations through courses in inequality, aging, gender, deviance, globalization, social psychology, race and ethnicity, the environment, the media, and more. The Sociology program seeks to provide students with mastery of basic academic subject matter along with the learning skills necessary for enrichment and continued success in academic and workplace environments. Upon graduation students are prepared for advanced graduate and professional school education and for entrance into the job market in business, government, non-profit organizations, and social services work. Internships are available to provide onsite, practical experience. Students are encouraged to pursue independent research, collaborate with professors on their research, and present their work during UWG’s Social Science Research Day and at annual conferences, such as the Georgia Sociological Association and the Southeastern Undergraduate Sociology Symposium. The Sociological Collective provides students with fun, support, career information, opportunities for community service, speakers, and other activities. Students who qualify are also invited to join the national sociology honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta.

For more information on the Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology or advising information, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Paul Luken at

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