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Why Minor in Women's Studies?

Women’s Studies Offers a Unique Perspective

Women’s studies graduates are well-rounded individuals who are able to make connections between individuals’ personal lives and the broader social, cultural and political contexts in which they live.

Women’s Studies is Interdisciplinary

As an interdisciplinary minor, women’s studies offers students an opportunity to enhance their understanding of different disciplines by examining the same topic (gender) through a variety of disciplinary lenses.

Women’s Studies Emphasizes Diversity

Women’s studies examines gender in relation to other social statuses, such as race, ethnicity, nationality, social class, sexual orientation, age and able-bodiedness.  This emphasis on diversity helps students understand the unique experiences, struggles and accomplishments of people who may be different than themselves.  This understanding helps students and graduates relate to others in our increasingly diverse society.

Women’s Studies Prepares Students for Employment

Employers in all fields are increasingly looking for applicants who specialize in women’s studies.  Women’s studies graduates provide a distinct perspective that is needed in the changing workplace and professional sphere.

Women’s Studies Prepares Students for Graduate Education

The knowledge and perspectives gained in women’s studies courses helps students who choose to pursue graduate education in any field of study.