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The SOTA Vision and Mission Statement

Representing all creative endeavors in the College of Arts and Humanities, the School of the Arts strives to provide our students with a creative and stimulating learning environment.

In a university setting where numerous disciplines reside in close proximity, and where freedom of thought and expression is cultivated, the School of the Arts seeks to include creative modes that are classical in nature, but also encourages dialogue among less familiar forms of artistic expression. The School of the Arts is also the College’s center for development and recruitment of talented students and faculty, and community outreach in the arts.

Art by nature is interdisciplinary. Whatever its medium, art brings a variety of cultural information to bear, yet remains open to forces outside of its immediate concentration. Its creations seek to understand and explain many divergent disciplines and philosophies, and to synthesize them in meaningful works of art. Science and technology, for example often define our culture. When art uses these categories for creative endeavors, however, they can be redefined. The modes of expression in a culture change along with the tools of the culture. Artists learn to distill complex sets of variables into forms that provide insight and meaning in a vibrant and dynamic cultural setting.

Art is often years or decades ahead of popular sentiment. Therefore it can be seen as visionary, heretical, or both. Art is often able to express the sentiment of a generation or any group of people in a way that may have previously remained ineffable. Art can, quite simply, speak for the group or for the misunderstood minority. When necessary, art should call people to action, inspire them, entertain them, sometimes even provoke or critique them. Art can be, by turns, spiritual, political, social, or cultural. It can be dire, absurd, ridiculous, or comical. What art should not be is limited.

The School of the Arts at the University of West Georgia strives to offer a shared space of creative energies, one in which artists inspire one another, and feed off of a growing and dynamic arts culture in Carrollton and beyond.

The School encourages collaboration across disciplines and supports arts programs across the campus. The School of the Arts serves the university community in myriad ways and regularly contributes to both the cultural and educational goals of the institution. 

The School of the Arts:

·Provides cultural and educational experiences to students, the campus community, and the public

·Educates students using the latest tools, technology and methods

·Endorses a platform for multidisciplinary exhibition and performance

·Fosters a sense of community for faculty, staff and students that unites and engages West Georgia alumni and the general public

·Nurtures a creative process that crosses the boundaries between the arts and other disciplines

·Equips our graduates with the experiential learning needed to succeed in the 21st century