Council Members

Permanent Members of Sustainability Council at The University of West Georgia

The Sustainability Council has eleven permanent seats for one faculty member from each college and the library (7) and a representative from Facilities & Grounds (1), Student Affairs (1), Development (1), and a Student Goverment (1). Members for the Academic Year 2013-2014:

  • College of Arts and Humanities, Patrick Erben, Ph.D
  • College of Science and Mathematics, Hannes Gerhardt, Ph.D.
  • College of Education, Francis Stonier, Ph.D.
  • College of Social Sciences, Stanley Caress, Ph.D.
  • Richards College of Business, Minna Rollins, D.Sc.
  • School of Nursing, Jody Bryan, BSN, RN, MPH
  • Library, Shelley Rogers, M.Ed.
  • Facilities & Grounds, Bob Watkins
  • Student Affairs, Tara Mostowy
  • Development, Nichole Fannin
  • Student Government, TBA