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COMPASS Placement Exam

NOTE:  Online registration for COMPASS is open ONLY to University of West Georgia applicants who have been informed by the Admissions Office that COMPASS testing is required.  Anyone else wishing to do COMPASS testing must contact the UWG Testing Office at 678-839-6435. 

Based on a review of your application to the University of West Georgia, you are required to take the COMPASS placement test.  This test, which stands for COMputer-adapted Placement Assessment and Support Services, contains three parts: reading, writing, and mathematics.  Which of the parts you take is a decision made by the Admissions Office after a review of your application and academic record.

Your COMPASS test requirement must be completed before a final decision can be made regarding whether or not you are admissible to UWG.

All COMPASS testing is done on computer.  Only certain dates and times are available for COMPASS testing, and seating at each session is limited to 30 persons.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to take the test as soon as possible after the Admissions Office has informed you of your status. 

Reservations are required and must be made at least four days in advance of the testing date you have selected!  The current testing dates are identified below; to register for the test, click here and follow the instructions for registering on line for the COMPASS test.  If you have difficulties, contact the Testing Office at 678-839-6435.

Upcoming 2015 Exam Dates

Wednesday, September 16  8:30 AM  or  1:30 PM
Tuesday, October 13  8:30 AM  or  1:30 PM
Tuesday, November 17  8:30 AM  or  1:30 PM
Monday, December 14  8:30 AM  or  1:30 PM

NOTE:   When a testing session reaches capacity, no additional reservations will be taken.

NOTE:   Once you have made your COMPASS reservation, you will receive a confirmation email reminding you where and when to report and what materials to bring with you.  You are allowed to bring a calculator for use on the math portion of COMPASS.

NOTE:   There is no fee for the initial placement test.

NOTE:   While the test is untimed, the average length of time needed by examiness taking all three parts is three hours.

NOTE:  For an overview of the test including test-taking tips and sample questions, please go to the following website:

Parking Information:    You are to report to Strozier Hall, Room 110, to check in for your exam. If you are unfamiliar with the campus, you may view the campus map here. Parking is in the lot in front of Tyus Hall; it is the lot which contains the ATM.