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Mandatory Employee Training Instructions

To access the Risk Management, Vehicle Risk & Safety or Ethics Training through CourseDen:

1. Go to

2. Run the browser check to ensure that your internet browser in configured properly for optimal use.

3. Your username is the prefix of your email address (i.e.; user name is jdoe)

4. Your password is either the default password ("Letmein") - OR- your current CourseDen D2L password if you have established something specific.

5. Once logged into CourseDen D2L, you should see the required courses that you are required to take.

6. Review each course video/presentation and complete the assessment for each module with a score of 80 or better. The Vehicle Risk and Safety and/or Risk Management Assessments may include a pop up window.  Be sure to click "NO" for the security question.

7. This training should be completed annually.

To access the Right-to-Know Training:

1. Go to

2. There is no login required.

3. Please complete the participant information at the end of the training to receive credit.

If you cannot log into CourseDen D2L, please contact the Distance Learning helpdesk at or call 678-839-6248.

If you have additional questions about the training, please contact the Center for Business Excellence Training Department at 678-839-6392 or 678-839-5528.