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ePro Requester

Course Title: ePro Requester

Department: Purchasing Services

Instructor: Tricia Durrough

Frequency: Monthly

Course Description: This training is required of any employee who desires to have access to the eProcurement system as a requester.  Requester's utilize the eProcurement system to enter purchase requisitions through the GeorgiaFirst Marketplace and for non-catalog special request items.  Pre-registration and completion of a Security Request Form is required prior to training. 

Course Handouts:
Creating a Marketplace Shopping Cart and Requisition (updated 12/14/15)
Creating a Special Request Requisition (updated 12/14/15)
Desktop Receiving (updated 4/8/15)
Getting Started as a Requester in ePro (updated 4/8/15)
Searching for a Supplier for a Check Request (updated 8/24/15)
Requisition Status (updated 6/16/16)


***NOTE*** This is a 2-day class, 2 hours in length each day.  The second day will follow the first at the same time and location.  Further, the registration period for this class will close 2 days before the start of the class for set up.