UWG Daily Report


• Statewide Contract for Office Supplies
Community Garden Weeding and Harvesting


• State Purchasing has negotiated a new statewide contract for all office supplies, including toner and paper and awarded to one supplier – Staples. The contract with OfficeMax for supplies expired on June 30. We will utilize the GAFirst Marketplace for all purchases with Staples in order to capture the contract information required for DOAS reporting. If a PCard holder has an urgent need for supplies and cannot wait for the 24 hour delivery, statewide contract pricing will be available at the local store. However, we would prefer that use of the PCard at the store be very limited.


• This morning at 9:30 am there is a UWG Community Garden weeding and harvesting. The garden is located down the trail near the observatory. Volunteers can share the harvest or donate it to charity.