The Importance of Visual Identity

A unified, unique and strong visual identity is a critical element of any organization’s image. This set of coordinated branding elements, including logos and standard colors and typography, establishes a consistent, distinctive visual presence for an institution and helps its many constituencies recognize and remember it.

The University of West Georgia Visual Identity Program provides a foundation for clearly communicating the university’s identity and visually linking its many divisions, offices, centers, programs, colleges and schools to project a unified, professional image that enhances UWG’s reputation nationally and globally. Consistency is key to the effective presentation of UWG’s image; adherence to the visual identity guidelines helps emphasize the university’s connectedness and promote its distinctiveness as an educational leader.

UWG Visual Identity Program

The University of West Georgia’s Visual Identity Program is comprised of the university trademarks, mascot, official colors and typefaces, and the guidelines for their use. A UWG trademark is any mark, symbol, word or letters that have become associated with the university, including, but not limited to, its name, seal, wordmark, flame marks, shields and athletics logos. These trademarks are the property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and many are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Use of UWG’s visual identity is essential to successfully communicating the university’s image, and the visual identity guidelines were created to protect the integrity of UWG’s trademarks and ensure their application in an appropriate, graphically appealing manner.

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