Steven Broome
Jami Bower, The Maestro
Associate Vice President
  Steven Broome, The Lensmaster
Associate Director of Visual Services
Taylor Bryant
  Yo Christian
Taylor Bryant, The Narrator
Assistant Director of Communications
  Xiaojuan (Yo) Christian, The Viewfinder
Visual Services Specialist - Senior
Julie Lineback   Sheryl Marlar
Julie Lineback, The Connector
Communications Specialist
  Sheryl Marlar, The Promoter
Marketing Coordinator
Alyson Moffitt   April Saunders
Alyson Moffit, The Protégé
Graphic Designer
  April Saunders, The Trendsetter
Director of Creative Services

Joel Turner   Rory Wojcik
Joel Turner, The Illusionist
Video Designer

Rory Wojcik, The Ringmaster
Assistant Director of Event Production


Not pictured:

Lee Augsburger, Web Services Specialist Sr. 
Amelia Garcia, Visual Services Associate
Ewa Hallman, Associate Director of Web Services
Darla Kelley, Departmental Assistant - Intermediate 
Amy Lavender, Communications Specialist Sr.
Gary Leftwich, Director of Strategic Communications
Eric Nauert, Communications Specialist
Jessica Whitlock, Design Services Associate
Abigail Whorton, Web Services Specialist - Intermediate