The Office of University Communications and Marketing serves as the manager and keeper of the UWG brand, safeguarding the visual identity of the university, ensuring that all design of electronic and print marketing and advertising materials properly comply with the “Go West” vision and managing the overall mass media plan. As UWG continues to grow and expand, marketing is a critical component for success. UCM ensures that UWG reaches deserving students, attracts top faculty and staff, and garners positive attention across the higher education realm. The office also provides practical learning experience for interns, student assistants and graduate assistants.

UCM’s goal is to truly express the “Go West” culture in all forms of advertising, communications and promotional work. At UWG, there are so many great stories to tell of meaningful research, scholarly achievement, creative expression and service to humanity, and UCM works to provide the proper spotlight that the university deserves.

The UCM Office provides a variety of services to UWG that are divided into two branches, Creative Services and Communication Services.