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Items Requiring UCM Design Approval

The Office of University Communications and Marketing is the steward of the UWG brand and visual guidelines. Its primary responsibility is to create a strong, unified visual identity through consistent communications, marketing and advertising. Please contact this office with design and copywriting needs and for approval of marketing pieces for these intended audiences:

Marketing pieces are defined as all external communications pieces – including advertisements, banners and signs, brochures, fliers, programs and webpages, etc., and internal pieces (excluding student organization pieces). UCM should be your first point of contact for all such needs. Please send all items for review and new design requests to Maggie Worth and copy April Saunders.

Items Not Requiring UCM Approval

Publications and Printing produces quality print products for university programs, departments and colleges as well as student organizations, faculty, staff and individual students. Please contact this office for assistance with the following needs:

Please note:

While UCM approval is not required on some items, creators of these materials will be accountable for ensuring that all pieces adhere to the Visual Identity Guidelines dated May 2011 and to any and all addendums posted to the UCM website. UCM is always willing to work with departments on those items as resources allow. Your UCM team is working to allow latitude when at all possible for providing freedom of creative expression.