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It is the mission of University Communications and Marketing to provide a professional communications organization that proactively develops and delivers reputation-defining messaging for the University of West Georgia.

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is responsible for creating and administering an integrated marketing strategy to engage internal and external constituencies for generating support of the institution and to act as a vital resource to all UWG colleges and departments in their individual communications.

UCM Department Goals:

I. Promote the missions and goals of the UWG strategic vision.

II. Support and energize the UWG “destination university” vision.

III. Support key initiatives defined in the “Go West” brand positioning.

Our departmental goal is to position UWG as the most forward-looking, future-oriented institution in Georgia.

IV. Continue to advance a unified, professional and efficient UCM unit.

V. Boldly support Admissions to achieve steady, intelligent enrollment growth.

VI. Promote a vibrant, engaging and safe campus life.

VII. Showcase UWG’s new facilities as a key point of interest and pride.

VIII. Create meaningful engagement with the local community.

IX. Target key constituencies for generating tangible results.