Sociology Major Named Ms. Wheelchair GA

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ms. Wheelchair Georgia 2010 and University of West Georgia sociology major Ashley Woll plans on using her title to bring more attention to the disabled.

Woll was born without the ability to walk and has used a wheelchair all her life. Crowned by the Ms. Wheelchair USA organization, Woll said she’ll use the position to raise awareness of the needs of the disabled and help those individuals whose needs have been unfulfilled on state, national and political levels. 

Her degree in sociology will help those goals, Woll said.

“I want to use my degree in sociology to help the disabled in the areas of social justice,” said Woll, a UWG senior and Douglasville resident. “If a person with disabilities wants to live independently and has the cognitive skills to do so, he or she should be able to under the Americans with Disability Act. I am very passionate about the rights of handicapped individuals.”

The sociology major filled out an application to compete in the Ms. Wheelchair pageant and presented a platform that she would work aggressively for during her reign, a requirement for all candidates.

Her platform, to point out and change the inconsistencies in the fulfillment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, won the judges over and is a personal lifetime goal.

“I will bring such a life and energy to this position that it will be impossible for everyone not to be empowered to change the world with me…one step at a time,” said Woll.

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