Top 5 Moments of 2009 at UWG

Friday, December 18, 2009

As the University of West Georgia closes another year in the history books, we look back on what happened at the university in 2009. Our list of memorable events marks the sublime, and maybe a little bit of the ridiculous, in recapping how the Wolves closed out the decade.

5.  The Greek Village opens, amid much rejoicing from the fraternities and sororities that occupy the enclave, and even more rejoicing from their former neighbors.

4. The Cat in the Hat agrees to become the sixth member of ZinG, the vaunted UWG spirit crew that seemed to turn up in the most unlikely places on campus at the most unlikely times.

3. The Coliseum opens, providing a new home to the basketball and volleyball teams, as well as a venue for commencement, which now can be completed in just two ceremonies in one day, compared with the nearly three dozen that were formerly required.

2. UWG wins a prestigious award recognizing the campus for its beautiful landscaping, green space, energy conservation and buildings. Now if they could just do something about the parking.

1. Dee-fense! Dee-fense! The Wolves football team makes its first homecoming in its new stadium one to remember (unless you're from West Alabama), holding the Tigers to nine points, and snapping a losing streak that is now long forgotten.