RCOB Announces Exchange Program

Monday, October 5, 2009

The University of West Georgia and China’s Zhongnan University of Economics and Law have established an exchange program with the Richards College of Business that will allow students from ZUEL to attend UWG in their senior year.

Located in Wuhan, a metropolis of central China, ZUEL is an institution of higher education that houses several schools, including the School of Humanities, School of Finance and Taxation, School of Business and Administration and the Xinhua School of Banking and Insurance.

The new exchange program will allow approximately 40 finance majors annually to attend UWG and earn a degree from both institutions.

Dr. Charles Hodges, professor of business administration, has taught at ZUEL and believes that this exchange will benefit students from ZUEL and UWG.

“Within this program, UWG will gain about 40 very high-quality finance students each year,” said Hodges. “I firmly believe that the ZUEL students will improve the quality of West Georgia classes. UWG’s business students will be competing and interacting with some of the best students in the world.”

Students from ZUEL are expected to arrive at UWG in January. For more information about the program, contact the RCOB at 678-839-6467.