Young Alumni Council: Securing the Future

Monday, June 22, 2009

The new Young Alumni Council is planning several events, including one to coincide with West Georgia Homecoming festivities. The YAC also offers a new 10 for 10 program, which invites recent graduates to give a minimum of $10 a year to UWG while they are establishing their careers.

Each year, the University of West Georgia National Alumni Association grows by more than 1,500 new members with young alumni — those who have graduated over the past decade —making up almost 25 percent of the NAA’s membership of 54,000.

To welcome this growing constituency, the NAA has created a Young Alumni Council to serve and meet the expectations of these recent graduates.  The council, led by its volunteer chair, Ben Musgrove ’07, will assist the Alumni House staff by providing leadership and support of new programming and opportunities for younger alumni.

“West Georgia is in the midst of great things that will improve the already amazing school,” Musgrove said. “We want to focus on improving communication and programming for young alumni while also instilling a greater sense of pride in West Georgia.”

The YAC has embraced the new online community launched last September for all alumni. The community allows registered users to conduct alumni directory searches, share Class Notes, create a unique and permanent UWG e-mail address, post and search résumés and register for upcoming events.

The online alum community is also now supported by Facebook, which allows the user to update both sites simultaneously.

“This online community will allow for tremendous networking abilities and interaction,” said Musgrove. “It is much more than a social network because alumni  can utilize a number of tools to advance their careers.”

Another aspiration of YAC is to increase alumni participation in the Annual Fund, which provides much needed funding for programs and services that help prepare UWG students for a successful future. To address this goal, the YAC is offering the 10 for 10 program to encourage young alumni to give a minimum of $10 a year while they are nurturing their careers.

“We are a growing group and we need to step up and prove that we can have a positive impact on the future of our alma mater,” Musgrove said. “I hope all young alumni will support 10 for 10, and if their situation allows, give at least $10 on a monthly basis.”

Online giving offers a safe environment for alumni to create recurring gifts on a monthly or quarterly basis as automatic withdrawals from their checking or savings accounts.

“We are the future of the National Alumni Association and it’s time for us to illustrate our commitment to securing that future,” said Musgrove.

For more information, visit or call 678-839-6582.