Sethna Withdraws from Presidential Search

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna, president of the University of West Georgia, has withdrawn from the presidential search at the University at Albany.

“I have informed them that while it has been a distinct honor to be considered for, and on the finalist list for, the position of president of the University at Albany, I feel I need to be at the University of West Georgia at this point in its history,” Sethna said.

Sethna has been president at UWG for close to 15 years and considers it his “honor and pleasure.”

“I wish to continue to be part of our academic and campus life growth, and continue to serve as we move closer to our destination as a Destination University. Frankly I would also like to enjoy the Coliseum, to help students move into the Greek Village, to be at the first game in the new stadium, to see the library expansion and the Murphy Office and the Nursing Building become reality.

“Let us be clear,” Sethna continued, “that the next couple of years are going to have their share of challenges as well; perhaps strangely, I look forward to handling those also. I believe in our long-term future, and want to see us continue to move up in stature among the excellent universities of this state and nation.”

A four-year unit of the University System of Georgia, UWG is a residential, doctoral comprehensive university that offers a broad undergraduate and graduate curriculum based on a liberal arts foundation. UWG serves more than 11,000 students through its College of Arts and Sciences, Richards College of Business, College of Education, and School of Nursing.