UWG Food Drive Begins

Friday, February 6, 2009

Faculty and staff at the University of West Georgia have launched a second food drive to fight hunger in the community. Participating departments in the College of Arts and Sciences include Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and Criminology.

Dr. Jeff Reber, associate professor of psychology and associate dean for the social sciences, is coordinating the drive. Reber said that more families in the community are going without food and without a permanent place to live and that there is a great demand for food that can be directly eaten out of a container and that do not need a can opener, cooking or other kitchen preparation.

“In light of the current economic conditions, local churches and other nonprofit organizations are coming into contact with more and more individuals and families who are in desperate need of assistance,” said Reber. “In addition to their many challenges, far too many of those who are in need do not have permanent housing and are moving from friend to friend.”

Last semester, the social science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences enlisted the help of colleagues and students across campus to help provide food for a local backpack food program.  Emily Cole, coordinator of the Backpack Food Ministries, reported that approximately four dozen children in the local elementary school, many who were homeless and lacking food, were fed with the UWG donations. 

Boxes have been placed in the offices in the Pafford Building located on the Academic Quad, the Anthropology Building located on Back Campus Drive and Melson Hall, which is located on Front Campus Drive. There will also be a collection box at the Visitor’s Center, located on Maple Street.

All food items must be nonperishable in easy-to-open, non-glass containers with no refrigeration or heating required. Since many recipients may not receive much nutrition, the food should be as healthy as possible. Some suggestions are canned meats with pop-tops such as Vienna sausages, tuna, beanie weenies, juice boxes, milk boxes, small-boxed cereal, fruit cups, chips and cheese crackers. 

The food will be collected through Friday, Feb. 20, at which time it will be gathered together and delivered to local churches and nonprofit organizations for distribution to those in need.

For more information, call 678-839-6405.