A DAY Faculty/Staff Chairs

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 2008 A DAY for West Georgia campaign is commemorating the 26th anniversary of the event on campus with two familiar faces as crusaders, UWG Police Chief Tom Mackel and Dr. Mary A. Hooper, assistant professor of Educational Leadership and Professional Studies.

As campus chair, Mackel is rallying fellow co-workers to donate to the scholarship fund.

“The faculty know that there are students out there who are struggling,” said Mackel. “A lot of the time people expect HOPE to cover things, but it can’t cover everything.  The vast majority of our students have costs that surpass tuition.”

The A DAY campaign is a collaboration of events that raises money primarily for student scholarships, faculty and staff development, and undergraduate research. Begun in 1983 and traditionally held on the third Thursday in October, the A DAY campaign continues to be an integral part of the university’s Annual Fund. For the past three years, faculty and staff contributions have passed $100,000.

Hooper said she was pleasantly surprised at the positive response from faculty and staff.

“They just want to know what it’s about, “ said Hooper. “Once they know what it’s about, and they know that the money goes to support students, they are very responsive.”

“I attend community events and have the chance to talk from a faculty perspective,” said Hooper. “I know a student who did his undergraduate work at West Georgia, and he shared with me what getting a scholarship meant to him. It meant the difference between attending school and having to work full time. Seeing things from the faculty perspective has made this campaign more real, it’s made the scholarship fund matter more.”

Two more opportunities to participate in A DAY campaign for students are the annual First National Bank of Georgia Run for A DAY event on Thursday, Oct. 2, and the A DAY Music Faculty Concert on the following Monday, Oct. 13. Pre-registration for the FNBG A DAY Run will continue online through Sept. 30. For more information on A DAY or to volunteer or contribute to the campaign, call 678-839-6582 or visit http://www.westga.edu/alumni/index_2065.php