West Georgia Enrollment Peaks Again

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Student enrollment at the University of West Georgia reached an all time high of 11,231 as of Friday, August 29, the second week of fall semester classes.

The record breaking numbers for the university represent registered undergraduate and graduate students and are expected to fluctuate for several weeks because of changes in class schedules and student withdrawals.

The freshmen class contributed the largest increase in students registered and helped produce a jump of 554 students compared to last fall’s enrollment of 10,677. The University System of Georgia will release the final fall enrollment figures for UWG on October 8.

The enrollment increase reflects a growing national recognition that West Georgia has been designated as a comprehensive doctoral institution by the USG and continues to broaden its degree programs.

The Princeton Review recognized UWG as a Best Southeastern College for a sixth consecutive year, and Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers and Musicians listed UWG as one of 200 in the nation to offer superior creative programs in music, drama and art.

Recruitment and retention programs are also keys to enrollment totals, said Dr. Scot Lingrell, associate vice president for Enrollment Management.

“We can credit the increase in enrollment to a campus-wide effort to attract and retain undergraduate and graduate students,” said Lingrell. “We have increased in almost every category of students, and that is due to an all-out effort to realize our goal of becoming a destination institution.”

The USG predicts that the state of Georgia will experience an increase of 100,000 students in higher education by the year 2020, and West Georgia plans to be able to serve many of those students.

As the UWG academic programs and campus facilities grow into a regional destination for higher education students, West Georgia will continue to provide educational opportunities for the projected increase of students in the region in the years to come, said Lingrell.

“Our administrators, faculty and staff will provide world class service through our leadership and strategic growth and development.”