College of Education Hosts Learning Festival

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hosted by the UWG Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the conference is scheduled Monday, June 2 through Friday, June 6. Participants who are attending for the joy of learning and growing professionally may register throughout the week for the concurrent workshops.

Participants who are attending for graduate credit need to register by 9 a.m. on Monday, June 2. Due to funds given to the department by a Teacher Quality Grant, there is also a limited number of scholarships for participants who are interested in graduate credit for science, teaching English language learners, and differentiated instruction.

The Learning Festival will begin its first day with live music at registration in the Education Center and with a welcome speech by Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna, president of the university and professor of business administration.

Hundreds of educators will gather together to share what they know about teaching and learning in the classroom and on connecting with their students.

UWG faculty, veteran teachers and administrators, and distinguished educators from around the country will present more than 100 teaching and learning topics to enhance education in the classroom. An exhibit of art created by local students will also be on display.

Dr. Rosalind Duplechain, associate professor of early childhood and elementary education, is coordinating the event.

“Our mission for teachers in the West Georgia area does not end with our undergraduates,” said Duplechain. “We know that teachers need ongoing professional training and that students need to get teachers who are committee to and models of life-ling learning.”

Festival presenters and lecturers include Kathy Cox, state superintendent, Georgia Department of Education; Andrea Peterson, National Teacher of the Year 2007; Emily Jennette, Georgia Teacher of the Year 2008; Dale Hilton, The Cleveland Museum of Art and many university faculty from throughout the region who teach in the education fields.

Judith Cox, a lecturer in science methodology in elementary education at UWG, attended the event last year.

“This is a great place for teachers to get inspired,” said Cox. “It’s a sort of scaffolding for what I am already doing and a validation of what we are doing right. It’s a strengthening experience and we are certainly celebrating learning.”

Some of the goals of the conference include celebrating and showcasing excellence in teaching and learning, recognizing and rewarding excellent and professional teachers and to model and demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning in mathematics, science, social studies and reading.

Sponsored in part by Texas Instruments and Triumph Learning, the Learning Festival offers a retreat for teachers and a learning experience that educators hope will inspire and resonate in the classroom this fall.

For more information, visit the Learning Festival website at or call 678-839-6559.