UWG Recognizes Long-time Faculty and Staff

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The University of West Georgia held its spring Faculty and Staff Service Awards ceremony April 28, recognizing long-time employees of the school.

Among the honorees was Dr. Karl T. Steinen, professor of anthropology, who has been with the university for 35 years.

“It’s been a very good place to work,” Dr. Steinen said after the ceremony. “The community at the university has always been very nice. Good friends.”

While the school has grown immensely during his tenure – in the 1970s class sizes were about 15 students. Today, there are often 100 students in classes.

“It makes it a very different teach environment,” he said.

Still students are students, he said. “There’s a bunch of good ones.”

Other long-timers recognized were:

Sandra R. Jones, 35 years, (Physical Plant Administration)

30 years:

John R. Fuller (Sociology)

Jonathan Goldstein, (History)

Curtis Hollabaugh (Geosciences)

Laura H. Lamb (Advanced Academy)

Cathy D. Osborne (Internal Audit)

Jeanette S. Pollard (Sponsored Operations)

Randy J. Robinson (Custodial Services)

Sherry L. Robinson (Enrollment Service Center)

Grady E. Rogers Jr. (Publications & Printing)

Francesca B. Taylor (Learning Support and Testing)

Paulette H. Ward (Learning Support and Testing)

Karen West (Information Technology)

25 years:

William S. Arrington (Building Maintenance)

Maurice A. Freer (Landscape & Ground Maintenance)

Chris A. Geiger (Student Involvement)

Anita G. Immele' (Political Science & Planning)

Charles K. Marlar (University Police)

Joseph H. McCraw (Accounting/Finance)

Johnnie E. Vaughn (Building Maintenance)

20 years:

Cherree Almon (Custodial Services)

Margaret A. Cooper (Special Ed & Speech Lang.)

Joseph H. Douglas (Biology)

John A. Frevert (Student Development)

Pauline D. Gagnon (Theatre Arts)

Geisler,Victoria J. Geisler (Chemistry)

Carol F. Goodson (Library)

Jean M. Harris (Special Ed & Speech Lang.)

Javier E. Hasbun (Physics)

Elaine Heath-Ward (COE Student Services)

Deborah B. Holcombe (Publications & Printing)

Mary F. King (Learning Support)

Kathleen R. Kral (Information Technology)

Richard S. Lester (Athletics Administration)

Kareen R. Malone (Psychology)

David E. Manuel (Townsend Center)

Sheryl Marlar (UCM)

N. Janes McCandless (COSS Dean's Office)

Patricia A. Munn (Financial Aid)

Patresa L. Murphy (Bursar)

Linda C. Painter (Counseling/Ed Psy.)

15 years

Jane Elizabeth K. Bennett (Media & Instructional Tech.)

Janet S   . Barden (Building Maintenance)

Susan R. Boes (Counseling/Ed Psy.)

David M. Bush (Geosciences)

Melanie N. Clay (Distance Learning)

Bruce R. Daniel (Mass Comm/Theatre Arts)

Sharmistha B. Dutt (Chemistry)

Morgen M. East (Psychology)

Rolanda L. Farmer (Information Technology)

William L. Gates Jr. (Custodial Services)

Howard S. Goodson (History)

Michael D. Hester (Honors Program)

Louis E. Howe (Political Science & Planning)

Robert B. Jennings (Townsend Center)

Randal L. Kath (Geosciences)

Elaine M. Mackinnon (History)

James R. Mayer (Geosciences)

Kathryn J. Owens (Custodial Services)

Teresa H. Pyron (UCM)

Cheryl A. Rice (Excel Center)

Branden D. Smith (University Police)

10 years:

Margie L. Almon (Custodial Services)

Tura D. Anthony (Health Services)

Janice Balte (Financial Aid)

James F. Bellon (Mathematics)

Keith Bohannon (History)

Amin Boumenir (Mathematics)

Mary Calhoun (Custodial Services)

Li Cao (Counseling/Ed Psy)

Anuradha Chandran (ITS)

Charles W. Clark III (Graduate School)

Luke Cornelius (Leadership and Applied Instruc.)

Ellis Crean-Wojcik (Art)

Debra L. Dugan (Health Services)

Rosalind A. Duplechain (Contemporary Teaching & Lrng.)

Susan E Fishman-Armstrong (Antonio J Waring Lab)

Lucretia T. Gubbs (Academic Affairs)

Opal G. Grizzard (Health Services)

Hollis T. Hall (Design & Construction)

Loretta J. Hite (Nursing)

Tina Hudgins (Alumni Services)

Theresa L  Jablecki-Kriel (Risk Management)

Evelyn Johnson (Custodial Services)

Euwell Lee Jones Jr. (AEC Project Services)

Kathy A. Jones (COE Student Services)

Amy M. Kent (Career Services)

Greta Lynne Kirby (Mail Services)

Bruce M. Landman (COSM Dean's Office)

Salvador Lopez (Economics)

Deborah S. Lovvorn (Design & Construction)

Perran I. Makulu (Contemporary Teaching & Lrng.)

S. Swamy Mruthinti (Biology)

Katherine Moffeit (Accounting/Finance)

Stacey A. Morin (English)

Abbot L. Packard (Leadership and Applied Instruc.)

W. Alan Pope (Psychology)

Gail G. Reid (Mass Comm/Theatre Arts)

Anja Remshagen (Computer Science)

Larry D. Robinson (Landscape & Ground Maintenance)

J. Randall Rollins (Design & Construction)

Justin Sellers (Information Technology)

Ronald L. Shepherd (Contemporary Teaching & Lrng.)

Lorraine W. Snaith (English)

Lorraine D. Sposato-Allen (Townsend Center)

Erika L. Swanson (Athletics Administration)

Christy Talley Smith (eCore Service)

Rita Tekippe (Art)

Gerald W. Walker (Building Maintenance)

Ricky Dale Walls (University Police)

Dale S. Ward (Health Services)

Laurie J. Ware (Nursing)

Julie S. Williard (Nursing)

Jane K. Wood (Computer Science)

Chean Teong Yeong (Theatre Arts)