Graduate School Administration to Shift to UWG's Colleges

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Graduate School will close on June 30, shifting its administrative duties to UWG's colleges. The colleges that have graduate programs will handle applications, admissions, and other administrative functions related to graduate study, with support from the Office of Enrollment Management.

Dr. Craig Mertler of the College of Education will work with Graduate Dean Skip Clark and the other academic deans during a transitional period to move operations to their new locations seamlessly. The new decentralized structure is expected to be in place by July 1.

UWG has benefited from the work that the deans and staff of the Graduate School have done over the years to help move the institution from a college of humble beginnings to a modern university with graduate programming that ranges from arts and sciences to education, business, and other professional areas. The work of the Graduate School has played a major part in the transformation of the university. 

UWG expects its graduate programs to thrive in the future under the new operating model, with graduate education being an essential part of the university's future.