UWG Announces Partnership with Greenway Medical

Monday, November 26, 2012

The University of West Georgia formally announces a sponsorship agreement with Greenway Medical Technologies. Under the agreement, West Georgia’s new Athletic Operations Building (AOB) will officially be titled the “Athletic Operations Building, sponsored by Greenway, Inc.”

UWG Vice President for University Advancement, Dr. Bill Estes, is enthusiastic about the agreement, “The corporate partnership between Greenway and the University is a significant one. First, it represents the continuation of a deep and growing relationship between the community and UWG. Secondly, it provides a model of new funding support for West Georgia Athletics, a model that is being adopted by progressive universities across the country.”

Dr. Estes continued, “All of us at UWG are grateful to the Green family and all our friends at Greenway as they partner with us for the future. We hope that it is the first of several opportunities which will provide additional visibility to our partners and support for our program.”

Greenway officials are equally enthusiastic about the new partnership. “With about a third of our employee base being graduates of the University of West Georgia, Greenway has always maintained close ties to the campus and has benefited from its academic excellence,” said Chief Operating Officer Greg Schulenburg. “We are of course very proud to assist the capital improvements brought by the new Athletic Operations Building, and pleased the university has chosen to honor us with this recognition. In the past we have been able to assist the Health Center by donating electronic health record solutions to its student medical care, and together continue to benefit our community.”

In recognition of the agreement, a plaque honoring Greenway will be displayed at the AOB. Lighted signage for Greenway is affixed on the north side of building, making it visible to fans within University Stadium.

Greenway sponsors AOB