Another Great Success for UWG’s Annual International Night

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UWG’s International Student Club (ISC) recently celebrated it 28th Annual International Night with food, fun and festivities. This year’s event, themed “Citizens of the World,” saw a crowd of over 600 students, faculty, staff and guests who were anxious to see what the club had planned for the fete. Many attendees were lined up early hoping to be some of the first to indulge in the culturally diverse dishes the event had to offer. The dinner saw delicacies from over 30 countries, including South Korea, Nigeria and India, as well as Carrollton-area food businesses.

Once guests had eaten their fill, many made their way to the lower level of the Z6 for the entertainment segment, which included skits from members of the club and other students. After a welcome address from ISC President, Nuzair Nuwais, the entertainment segment opened with a fashion show, with students representing an estimated 20 countries.

Highlights of the fashion show included natives of Jamaica who did the “Bolt” pose made famous by their countryman and Olympian, Usain Bolt. The entertainment continued with various musical and dance performances. The MCs, Annie Clinton and Richard Morris, entertained the audience with stories about cultural differences they discovered after coming to the United States from Scotland and England, respectively. The entertainment segment also included the dance performance by the UWG African Student Association (ASA), the demonstration by the UWG Judo Club and the hip-hop performance by two Chinese students, Bo Lu and James Liu.

“It was awesome and impressive,” said Chinese exchange student, Christine Wu. “I’m glad I could be here to witness and experience all that International Night has to offer.”

The climax of the festivities, however, came with the event finale, a performance of the internationally chart-topping song of 2012, Gangnam Style. Chinese student Bo Lu played the role of Psy, the South Korean songwriter and rapper responsible for the hit song. International students and audience members later joined Lu on the stage to perform the dance moves associated with the song.

“I knew it would be a success, but I had not anticipated that it would be this successful,” said Joy Esiemokhai, ISC entertainment chair and event organizer. “It is my final International Night as a UWG undergraduate student, so I am excited that I could contribute to such an extraordinary event.

If her sentiment echoes that of other attendees, then ISC can congratulate itself on another International Night well done. It will be exciting to see what new foods, fashions and fun students bring to next year’s event.