Meeting of the Minds Ponders Meaning of Human Existence

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The 13th Annual Meeting of the Minds, presented by the University of West Georgia Philosophy Department, pondered the topic of “Is There Meaning in Human Existence” to a packed audience in Kathy Cashen Hall on March 27. Some of the most famous philosophers of all time, including Aristotle, Boethius, Mary Wollstonecraft,Meeting of the Minds Friedrich Nietzsche and Simone DeBeauvoir, made an appearance in the form of UWG philosophy students.

After taking the stage, Caroline Money, UWG student and moderator for the event, introduced each philosopher and asked them to give a brief summary of their thoughts on life and the purpose of human existence. Each philosopher obviously differed in their beliefs, and sometimes even became argumentative or scoffing toward one another. The students convincingly portrayed the philosophers, paying special detail to even their costumes, which were appropriate for the philosophers’ respective time periods. The cast included Alex Richardson as Aristotle, Carine LaFortune as Boethius, Savannah Grizzard as Mary Wollstonecraft, Joshua Moore as Friedrich Nietzsche, and Lindy Oller as Simone DeBeauvoir.

The audience not only received insight into these philosophers, but also into the depth and intelligence of the UWG Philosophy Department. Alex Richardson, who portrayed Aristotle, said “the Philosophy Program's annual Meeting of the Minds production is a great chance for us to bring our studies out of the classroom and to bring our discipline to the public in a fun and exciting way.”

UWG Students Annthony Duffy and Amy Allen Hayes directed this year’s event. “This has truly been an amazing experience and the actors have done an exceptional job,” said Hayes. “They are inspiring!”

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