UWG Student Receives Scholarship for Study Abroad

Friday, April 19, 2013

The University of West Georgia Richards College of Business awarded Peter-John Goulbourne, UWG business student, the 2013 Dean’s Visionary Scholarship. He plans to use the $1,250 scholarship for a study abroad program in France.

Goulbourne, currently a junior at UWG, will spend a depart for France in fall of 2013 and return in spring of 2014. He plans to study marketing and will receive a degree in France for international business while still working toward his degree in marketing at UWG.

To apply for the scholarship, Goulbourne completed an application and a short essay detailing why he wanted to study abroad. “I just spoke from the heart,” he said, “and I guess that helped.”

Dr. Faye McIntyre, Dean for the Richards College of Business, commended Goulbourne for his work and wished him good luck on his trip to France. “The Dean’s Visionary Scholarship is meant to help deserving students have this opportunity that they might not otherwise have access to,” said McIntyre.

Goulbourne hopes to learn a bit of the language and culture in France in an effort to gain experience for his future plans. “I plan to work in international marketing, and hopefully in a foreign country,” he said. “Since I’m studying French, hopefully I can pursue my ambitions in France after I graduate.”

For more information on the Richards College of Business, please visit www.westga.edu/business.