Professor’s Art Featured in Dublin Exhibit

Monday, April 29, 2013

Professor of Graphic Design Joey Hannaford left the comforts of Carrollton to attend an opening reception for her new exhibit at the National Print Museum. The National Print Museum, which is located in Dublin, Ireland, houses a fascinating array of permanent and temporary exhibits related to printing and printed art. Hannaford’s reception was held on Tuesday, April 9, the evening before her exhibit opened.

"It is an amazing honor to have my letterpress print work selected for showing by the Curatorial Committee of The National Print Museum in Dublin,” said Hannaford. “The reception was an exceptional experience and I am humbled by the warm and generous hospitality shown us by our Irish hosts.”

Hannaford worked with two colleagues, Mervi Pakaste and Jeff Pulaski, to produce “Imperfect Letterpress x 3.” They combined letterpress embossing in a disorderly manner so that the letters can be interpreted like any art form.

Letterpress printing uses wooden type and traditional press that were common in most print rooms until the second half of the twentieth century. It also involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression.

“The beauty and elegance of letterpress printing that, as an art form, has had a profound influence on all of Western civilization, provides us, as artists, an opportunity to both share in honoring the history of letterpress and in celebrating its relatively recent revival of interest both in the US and Europe," said Hannaford.

The exhibition will be available at the National Print Museum until May 31, 2013.