UWG Students Receive Scholarships and Awards

Monday, May 13, 2013

The University of West Georgia Department of Mass Communications presented 10 students with awards and scholarships for their outstanding work throughout the school year.

Nika Wheat, a UWG senior from McDonough, Ga., received the Gordon Watson Award in Mass Communications. This award is presented annually to an outstanding student in mass communications. The recipient must have superior academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, potential for development in mass communications and active involvement in extracurricular activities. The award was established in memory of the late Bailey Gordon Watson, first head of the University of West Georgia English Department.

The department’s “Excellence Awards” are presented to mass communications seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic and professional development performance in their respective areas.

Ashton Blackwood, a UWG senior from Gainesville, Ga., and Jasmine Jones a UWG senior from Atlanta, received the Excellence Award in Public Relations. Hillary Jolly, a UWG senior from Cedartown, Ga., received the Excellence Award in Convergence Journalism. Joshua Winters, a UWG senior from Rockmart, Ga., and Chris Adamson, a UWG senior from Gainesville, Ga., received the Excellence Award in Film and Media Arts.

Winters also received the Margaret Gauthier Mass Communications Scholarship, awarded to a student with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average majoring in masscommunications with an emphasis in speech. He also had the top student academic paper award at the 50th National Undergraduate Student Electronic Media Competition. His “Video Game Censorship: Protecting Minds or Harming Constitutional Values” took the top prize.

Ashley Copeland, a UWG senior from Sharpsburg, Ga., received the Rhubarb Jones Scholarship. The scholarship is traditionally awarded to a student with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 who is a rising senior with a career goal in broadcast journalism. Copeland also received the Toyal Jackson “Making a Difference” Award from the UWG Student Government Association. This award recognizes a UWG student that has worked to help unite the student body at UWG, has actively involved themselves within the community and shows dedicated service to enhancing student life. Copeland is the editor of The West Georgian and was elected as executive secretary to the Georgia College Press Association.

Lindsay Langham, a freshman at UWG from Newnan, Ga., received the George Fields Whatley Scholarship. The award is traditionally given to a student who actively pursues extracurricular activities, with special consideration to students involved in the university newspaper, The West Georgian.

Donald Karr, a senior at UWG from Carrollton, received the Frances Parkman Memorial Scholarship. The award is traditionally given to a junior or senior student pursuing a career in mass communications with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Financial need and participation in extracurricular activities are also considered in selecting a recipient.

Sydney Deen, a UWG junior also from Carrollton, received the David S. Parkman III Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes a junior or senior who is pursuing a career in convergence journalism and has maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

For more information, please visit the department of mass communications website at www.westga.edu/~masscom/.