UWG Hosts First Volunteer Campus Trail Day

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The University of West Georgia held the first Volunteer Trail Day on June 19, 2013, in an effort to get students involved with maintaining the nature trails that run through campus. The Department of University Recreation coordinated the event.

Tara Mostowy, coordinator of outdoor recreation, and James Hembree, UWG’s landscape superintendent, led the event and provided landscaping tools, refreshments and energy bars to volunteers. The purpose of the event is to engage the community in the maintenance of these trails.

“This time of year with ample rainfall, vegetation is rampant,” Hembree said. “Plants and weeds are growing and also the understory is growing, so the trails get encroached upon, and it makes them a little tough to navigate.”

The goal is to keep these trails navigable and natural. “The trails are not maintained through use of heavy equipment machinery, but with loppers and pruners that cut away at protruding limbs which preserve the natural beauty,” said Mostowy.

Mostowy, who conducts multiple volunteer based trips and projects every year through UREC, explained that participation in the event is also beneficial to the volunteers. “Students are able to do volunteer work, and then they also get to enjoy the area that they’re working on,” she said.

Mostowy and the UREC department hope to continue hosting Volunteer Trail Days throughout the year. The events will be announced on UWG’s UREC website. For more information, please visit www.westga.edu/urec/outdoor_recreation.php.