UWG’s William C. Schaniel Retires

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beloved UWG faculty member Dr. William C. Schaniel is retiring after 33 years of service at the university. Family, friends, faculty and staff members gathered together on Wednesday, June 26, to celebrate Schaniel’s longtime commitment to the university.

Schaniel started teaching as an assistant professor of economics at the university in 1980. Since starting at the university he has taken on several leadership positions while serving as inspiration to many of his students.

“If it weren’t for having Bill Schaniel as one of my undergraduate professors, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said former student and UWG professor, Dr. William “Joey” Smith. “He was the one who directed me into the field of economics, and he was one of the people who encouraged me. One of the reasons I’m here teaching at the university now is because Bill was a huge influence in my life.”

Schaniel always displayed a keen interest in the success of his students and that is one of the things he says he is going to miss most. “It was always fun meeting the new students, seeing the change, and I mean students from 30 years ago were much different than students of today,” said Schaniel. “Students now have a much broader vision.”

Schaniel spent his last 12 years at UWG as the director of International Services and Programs.

“He has provided outstanding services for the university and I am very grateful to Dr. Schaniel for what he has done,” said retiring UWG President Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna.

Post retirement, Schaniel and his wife plan to continue positively impacting students by working with schools in China.