Local Math and Science Teachers visit UWG for Professional Development

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ninety local in-service teachers visited the University of West Georgia from June 10 – 21 for professional development training as part of the Science and Math Institutes for Teacher Education. Dr. Bob Powell, UWG Professor and Chair of Physics and Director of the West Georgia Observatory, is the Director of the project.

SMITE, which is funded by a grant from the Math and Science Partnership of the Georgia Department of Education, provides 80 hours of professional development in physics and mathematics for third through fifth grade, middle grade, and high school grade levels. The grant is for two years, and this is the third MSP grant that Powell has received.

The curriculum for SMITE is designed by the American Association of Physics Teachers featuring workshops with hands-on activities. The project presents an integrated approach of physics and mathematics aligned with Georgia standards in each grade level for math and science.

Dr. David Leach, UWG Associate Professor of Mathematics, provided mathematics instruction, and Powell, along with four Physics Teacher Resource Agents, provided science instruction. The Physics Teacher Resource Agents, who were trained by the American Association of Physics Teachers, are Ann Robinson, Sharon Kirby, David Todd and Frank Lock.

In addition to on-campus instruction, the teachers will study physics at Six Flags in July and will participate in a follow-up session in September.

For more information on these and other projects, please visit the UWG College of Science and Mathematics website at www.westga.edu/cosm.

Photo: Participants use sensors to study the motion of a cart on an inclined plane.