College of Social Sciences Wins Second Place in 2013 People’s Parade

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Though rain postponed the 2013 People’s Parade, thousands of people lined the Carrollton streets for the rescheduled July 13 event. More than 100 groups entered vehicles and floats including the University of West Georgia and its College of Social Sciences. The College of Social Sciences’ ten-foot-tall picnic basket entry, with gingham lining and American flags waving, won second place for the large business category.

Dr. Kyle Marrero, UWG’s new president, and his family led UWG’s presence at the parade, with 3-year-old Lily waving at the crowds as she sat between her mom and dad. Following close behind the Marreros, the UWG College of Social Sciences handed out over 2,000 goodies, including pencils and snacks, to children along the three-mile parade route.

“The College of Social Sciences has a mission and vision to serve humanity in all we do,” said Dr. N. Jane McCandless, dean of the UWG College of Social Sciences. “The parade is an opportunity to have fun while bringing awareness to the one in four children in Georgia that live in food insecure households; they often just don’t know when their next meal will be.”

McCandless and Assistant Dean Amber Smallwood carried picnic baskets filled with fruit snacks, granola bars and juice boxes; all were labeled with stickers that encouraged families to donate to local food pantries or volunteer with the Carroll County Soup Kitchen.

“We turned a pick-up truck into a giant picnic basket and walked alongside carrying the snacks in smaller picnic baskets,” said Smallwood. “The team of staff and volunteers in the truck refilling our baskets could barely keep up!”

“We don’t know if we won for the design alone or for the bigger concept of helping feed our community’s children,” McCandless said. “But we had a lot of fun and I’m hopeful we raised awareness of the food needs of our community, too.”

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Photo 1: Erin Brannon, Administrative Manager in the College of Social Sciences dean’s office, watches Kevin and Carlee as the ten-foot-tall picnic basket begins to move along the parade route.

Photo2: Dr. N. Jane McCandless, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, helps Nova Lee Simmons, a volunteer, and Erin Brannon, Administrative Manager in the College of Social Sciences dean’s office, label the snacks the day before the parade on McCandless’ back porch.