UWG Hosts Farewell Reception for Tommy Cox

Friday, July 19, 2013

The University of West Georgia College of Arts and Humanities hosted a farewell reception for Tommy Cox, UWG director of the School of the Arts and professor of theatre, on Friday, July 12. Cox is leaving the University of West Georgia to pursue a career as the theatre director at Carroll County High School.

Originally, Cox was named the president of Carroll County High School’s performing arts booster club, an organization to which his son belongs, but was soon offered an opportunity as theatre director as well.

While Cox is looking forward to the future, he will miss many aspects about West Georgia and the freedom of being a professor at a university.

“The people, the camaraderie and the support of UWG staff have all been amazing,” said Cox. “It will just be a different group of people, but I’ve really enjoyed being engaged in more administrative stuff here. It’s been a really fun challenge for me.”

West Georgia faculty, staff and even some of Cox’s personal friends attended the reception to show their support and gratitude for all his hard work and passion.

“I’m happy for him, and I know he will do a great job,” said Dr. Bradford Yates, professor of mass communications. “It’s our loss but Carrollton High School’s gain.”

Cox has been involved with the university for over 20 years.