University of West Georgia Announces Transition in Athletic Staff

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, the University of West Georgia announced that, due to the increased demands of the growing athletic department, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Daryl Dickey will focus exclusively on the athletic director position at the conclusion of the 2013 season. A formal search to fill the football head coaching position will begin in fall 2013.

The UWG athletics program, with 13 men’s and women’s intercollegiate varsity sports, has shown tremendous growth in recent years including the addition of University Stadium, the Coliseum and the Athletic Operations Building. The athletics department also added track and field as an intercollegiate sport in 2013 and is looking toward continued expansion. As UWG continues to grow, the demands of the athletics director continue to grow, proving that it is truly a full-time position. Dr. Kyle Marrero, president of UWG, explained that this role transition is a direct reflection of UWG’s growth and expansion.

"It is important for UWG to think strategically in all of its endeavors including athletics,” he said. “This decision represents the first steps in providing an overall strategic plan that will guide future decisions and directions of the athletics program.”

The transition will begin at the completion of the 2013 football season, when Dickey will shift focus to the athletic director role, which includes providing leadership and management of all UWG intercollegiate sports, providing academic support for fostering retention, graduation and success in life, overseeing sports information and marketing, building friends and donor support for fundraising and contribution, and overseeing sports medicine, strength and conditioning and all administrative services, including managing a staff of 34. A small committee will be formed to conduct a national search and make a recommendation for the head coaching position.

“As a former athletic director, I have been pleased to observe Daryl’s grasp of the role and the priorities we have here at UWG,” said Dr. Bill Estes, UWG vice president of University Advancement. “He has worked hard to support the student athlete’s move toward graduation by building a growing academic services system and working with his coaches to closely monitor and evaluate the academic performance of each sports team. He has reorganized the athletic fundraising efforts in the model of major programs in Georgia and the nation and developed an extensive marketing program. He has added athletic facilities. Finally, Daryl is committed to building an athletic program that is functioning at a nationally prominent level across the board.”

During Dickey’s tenure as UWG’s athletic director, he assisted UWG in Title IX compliance and added several new varsity sports to the program including women’s tennis and women’s track and field. He was also instrumental in approximately $35 million in new athletics construction including University Stadium, the softball and soccer stadiums, support facilities for football, softball and soccer, the athletics annex and the Hall of Fame. Dickey enhanced the Academic Support Services for all student-athletes, adding two academic support personnel, and, as a result, the average student-athlete grade point average grew from 2.69 to 2.80, slightly exceeding the general UWG student body GPA.

“It has been a pleasure and honor to serve our university as athletic director and head football coach,” said Dickey. “As we begin to move forward, and thinking of the strategic plan Dr. Marrero will initiate, it has become clear that my role is one that should become singular in nature. We have made a great deal of progress in a short period of time, and we are excited about the future of our athletic program at the University of West Georgia.”

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Photo 1: From left to right - Dr. Bill Estes, Coach Daryl Dickey and Dr. Kyle Marrero

Photo 2: Coach Daryl Dickey