Emily Teitelbaum Selected to Present at Regional Conference

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Emily Teitelbaum, University of West Georgia assistant director for Student Events and Programs was recently chosen by the National Association for Campus Activities to present her publications and presentations at this year’s NACA’s Southern Regional Conference in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“It means a lot to have my publications and presentations accepted,” said Teitelbaum. “I always strive to work as hard as I can professionally and grow as much as I can in the field of student affairs. I believe working on publications and presentations helps keep me current and active in my field. It is also a great way to get our university’s name out there.”

Teitelbaum will present on three different topics: Positive Relations: Give Yourself a Boost for Better Customer Service, Concerts: How to Avoid a Traffic Jam, and Collaborating: The Architecture of Homecoming.

Teitelbaum says customer service is her interest because positivity is one of her strengths and passions. Her article details what it means to provide positive customer service to students and colleagues in the realm of higher education.

“My interest was sparked even more after attending the American College Personnel Association National Conference last spring, where I attended a session on positive psychology,” said Teitelbaum. “Thus, I decided to take those interests and write about positive relations/customer service as it pertains to student life, students, as well as our own relationships and work life. I believe that positive psychology is a great tool to utilize to stay as positive and mindful of others as one can.”

The second presentation on concerts is about the extensive process that many experience when planning a concert. Teitelbaum said the presentation outlines steps including how and where you find artists, working within your budget, the contract process, advertisement and the day-of-show needs.

“The concert presentation and publication came from over two years of experience with putting on large concerts at UWG, but also the past six years of experience that I’ve had conducting big and small concerts in graduate school and at the University of West Georgia,” said Teitelbaum. “My colleague and friend, Emily Craske, and I realized we have such a plethora of diverse experience in concerts that we wanted to present on that experience. And now we will create a publication on the presentation as well.”

Teitelbaum and Jessica Haskins, assistant director for student programs at UWG, will conduct the presentation on concerts. Her final presentation on collaborating for a successful event will be done with UWG graduate assistant Jonna Greer.

“This presentation on collaboration will speak of how an event can run smoothly by highlighting things that may have gone wrong at events before,” said Teitelbaum. “It will also delve into how working together and collaborating is key.”

Teitelbaum said her ultimate goal is to continue submitting proposals every year on topics that she is well versed in and finds interesting.

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