Other Professional Staff 2013-2014

ADAMS, BLAKE R., B.B.A., M.S. (University of West Georgia), Director for User Services, Information Technology Services

ADAMS, ELIZABETH J., B.S. (Faulkner University), Assistant Bookstore Manager

ADAMS, LISA, B.A. (LaGrange College), M.F.A. (University of Alabama), M.Ed. (University of West Georgia) Ph.D (Auburn University), Interim Director, Counseling & Career Development Center

ADAMS, SONYA, A.S., B.B.A., M.B.A. (University if West Georgia), Administrative Manager, College of Science and Mathematics

AGAN, JIMMY L., B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S. (West Georgia College), Ed.D. (Auburn University), Director of Continuing Education and Public Services

AIKN, CHARLES, Med. (University of Georgia), Instructional Assistant, School of Nursing

ALLEN, KERI L., B.A.(University of West Georgia), M.A. (University of Michigan) Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

ANTHONY, TURA, R.N. (West Georgia College), Director of Nursing, Health Services

BAKER, ELIZABETH, B.B.A. (Southeastern Louisiana University), M.B.A. (University of New Orleans), Director of Budget Services and Asset Management.

BALLARD, KETTY, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Associate Director of Admissions

BALTE, JANICE K., Quality Assurance Coordinator, Financial Aid Office

BARKER, ALICE, B. A. (University of West Georgia), Bookstore Asset Management Coordinator

BARLOW, JUSTIN, B.Ed., B.S., (University of West Georgia), M.Ed. (Boston College), Director of Admissions

BENEFIELD, DIANNE, Business Manager I, Residence Life

BOPEARATCHY, SAVIO N., B.B.A, M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Residence Life and Judicial Coordinator

BOWEN, BRENDAN, B.S., M.P.A. (Western Kentucky University), Assistant Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities

BRAND, WHITNEY, Departmental Associate, College of Education

BRANNON, ERIN G., B.S.B.A. (Auburn University), Administrative Manager, College of Social Sciences

BROOME, SABRA H., B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Education

BROOME, STEVEN, B.A., M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director, University Communications and Marketing

BROWN, CRAIG S. B.A. (University of West Georgia), B.B.A. (Mercer University), J.D. (Michigan State University), Recruitment & Enrollment manager, USG eCore

BROWN, CRYSTAL, B.S., M.S. (Indiana State University) Coordinator of Student Involvement Programs, Center for Student Development

BROWN, MICHAEL C., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Residence Life and Judicial Coordinator, Residence Life

BROWN, JONATHAN SCOTT, B.S. (University of Kentucky), Departmental Associate, Office of the Registrar

BROWN, TANACHA G., B.A. (Augusta State University), M.S. (Southern Polytechnic State University), Instructional Designer, USG eCore

BUSBIN, JASON, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Support Specialist, Distance Education

BUTLER, SCOTT, B.A., M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Ed.S. (Georgia State University), Director of Field Experiences, College of Education

CAMPBELL, CHARLA, B.A. (UNC, Chapel Hill), Research Compliance Officer, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

CAMPBELL, GAIL, B.S., M.P.A. (University of West Georgia), Associate Director of Admissions Operations

CAUSEY, PATRICIA ANN, A.B., M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Assistant Dean of Students

CHAMBERS, HELEN M., B.A., M.A. (University of West Georgia), Degree Program Specialist, College of Education

CHANDRAN, ANURADHA, B.S., M.S. (University of West Georgia), Computer Services Specialist III, Information Technology Services

CHILDRESS, CHRIS, Captioning Specialist, Counseling & Career Development

CHRIST, MARY, B.A. (St. Cloud State), Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness, Campus Center

CLAY, MATTHEW N., B.B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S. (West Georgia College), Manager of Computer Operations

CLAY, MELANIE N., B.S. (The Ohio State University), M.P.A., Ed.S. (University of West Georgia), Ph.D. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Executive Director of Distance and Distributed Education/Extended Degree Programs & Dean, USG eCore

COLEMAN, NICOLLE, Advisor & Registration Specialist/ Inbound Call Support, USG eCore

COLEVINS, ANNELLE A., A.S., A.B., B.A., M.A. (West Georgia College), Director, Student Affairs Web and Technology

COLEY, ZINA A., B.S. (University of Montana), M.Ed., (University of West Georgia), Administrative Coordinator, Financial Aid Office

COLĂ“N, FRANCES C., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academy Residential Coordinator, The Advanced Academy of Georgia

CONLEY, MIKE, Bach. of Design, (University of Florida), Bach. of Arch., (North Carolina State University), Executive Director of Architectural, Engineering, & Construction Project Services

COOLEY, WENDY, Assistant to the Associate Executive Director of the UWG Foundation

COONEY, MICHAEL, B.B.A. (Gonzaga University), Associate Athletics Director and Head Coach Men's Basketball

COOTS, JACKSON, B.S. (Washington State University), M.S. (University of Idaho), Strength and Conditioning Coach

COPELAND, CHANTRICE, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Graduate Coordinator, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Humanities

CORLEY, DEANNIE, Business Manager, Continuing Education

COUCH, C. WILLIAM, (West Georgia Tech), Bookstore Merchandise Coordinator

COPPOLELLA, CHERYL, B.A. (Fordham University), M.Ed. (University of Florida), Instructional and Student Support Specialist, Newnan Center, Extended Degree Programs

COTTRELL, LESLIE T., M.D. (Medical College of Georgia), Director of Health Service and University Physician

COWART, JULIAN, S., B.S., (University of West Georgia), Assistant Manager, Central Stores, Receiving, and Delivery

COX, WYNENA, B.A., (Fort Lewis College), Child Development Specialist I

CREWS, TAMMY B. A.S. (West Georgia College), Help Desk Coordinator, Information Technology Services

CROY, EDWARD, B.S. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director of Intramurals

CUMMINGS, ERIC, B.S. (Auburn University), Applications Programmer, Office of Admissions

DAIS, JELANI P., B.A. (University of West Georgia), M.Ed. (Clemson University), Coordinator of First Year and Academic Support Programs, Residence Life

DAVISON, DEBORAH, M.S.N (University of West Georgia), B.S.N. (California State University), Manager of Skills Simulation, School of Nursing

DENNEY, TRACEY, Mail Carrier, Mail Services

DITTMER, BEVERLY, B.A. (University of North Florida), Office Manager, Counseling & Career Development

DOBBS, JULIE B.A. (University of West Georgia), CDA (Washington, D.C.), Administrative Coordinator

DOUGLAS, JOSEPH H., III, B.S. (University of Georgia), M.S. (West Georgia College), Laboratory Coordinator

DRIVER, ALLISON, B.S. (West Georgia College), M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Child Development Specialist I

DRIVER, DALE, B.S, M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Lead Project Manager, Information Technology Services

DUFFEY, DALE, Office Manager, Development and Alumni Relations

DUNCAN, CHELSEA, B.S. (Auburn University), Departmental Associate, Office of the Registrar

DUNCAN, MICHAEL K., R.Ph., B.S. (University of Georgia), Pharmacist, Health Services

DURROUGH, PATRICIA S., B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director, Center for Business Excellence

EDENFIELD, CRYSTAL, B.A., M.P.A. (University of West Georgia), Ed.S. (Georgia Southern University), Assistant Director of Admissions, Transfer Operations

EDMONDS, LAURA, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academic Coordinator, School of Nursing

EDWARDS, ROBERT V., B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Warehouse Manager, Central Stores, Receiving and Delivery

EIDSON, WANDA L., B.B.A, M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar

ELEFANTE, ELY E., B.A. (Loyola University New Orleans), M.Ed. (University of Louisville), Associate Director of Auxillary Serivces-Operations

ETHEREDGE, JOSEPH,B.A., M.A. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Office Manager, Counseling & Career Development Center

ETHEREDGE, KRISTIN L., B.A. (University of West Georgia) Office Manager, International Services and Programs

ETHEREDGE, WILLIAM, B.A. (University of West Georgia) EXCEL Center, Academic Advisor

FARLEY, MELISSA, B.A. (Southern Adventist), Library Technical Assistant I, Acquisitions, Ingram Library

FISHMAN-ARMSTRONG, SUSAN, B.S. (Fort Hays State University), M.A. (Texas Tech University), Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeology Laboratory Coordinator

FINCH, ANNELIESA D., B.A. (Mercer University), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt University), Program Specialist, The Advanced Academy of Georgia

FLETCHER, DONJANEA L., A.B.J., M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Counselor, Counseling & Career Development

FOWLER, JULILI, B.S. (University of Arkansas), M.S. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Manager for Student Engagement and Assessment, USG eCore

FOWLKES, DAVID ROY, B.S., M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Head Baseball Coach and Administrative Coordinator, Athletics

FREEMAN, ELIZABETH A., B.S., M.Ed. (Georgia Southern University), Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Education

FREVERT, JOHN A., B.A. (DePauw University), M.A., Ed.S. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director for Clinical Services, Counseling & Career Development

GAINES, TANACHA G., B.A. (Augusta State University), M.S. (Southern Polytechnic State University), Instructional Designer, USG eCore

GEIGER, CHRIS ALAN, B.S. (University of Wisconsin), M.Ed. (University of South Carolina), Director, Center for Student Involvement

GIBBS, LUCRETIA T., B.B.A., MPACc (University of West Georgia) Administrative Manager, Academic Affairs

GIBSON, VINCENT, B.S. (DeVry Institute), Programmer Analyst IV, Information Technology Services

GILLESPIE, ANTHONY BART, B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Associate Executive Director of the UWG Foundation

GINTHER, JOY ARNOLD, B.A. (University of West Georgia) Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

GOODWIN, ABIGAIL, A.S. (Carroll Technical Institute), Management Information Specialist, Information Technology Services

GOURLEY, DANNY, B.A., M.Ed (Middle Tennessee State University) Associate Director, EXCEL Center

GRAY, AMY, ASSOC. (West Georgia Tech) Bookstore Marketing & Course Materials Coordinator

GRAY, R. MITCHELL, Sports Information Director

GREEN, DOTTI H., B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Coordinator for Alumni Relations

GREEN, WILLIAM, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Athletic Trainer

GRIZZARD, NEAL, Bookstore Senior Accounting Coordinator

GRIZZARD, OPAL G., L.P.N. (Carroll Technical Institute), Licensed Practical Nurse I, Health Services

GUBBINS, JANET P., B.A., M.P.A. (University of West Georgia), Director, Distance and Distributed Education

GUNAY, VEDAT, B.A. (Bogazici), M.B.A. (West Georgia College), Customer Support, Information Technology Services

HALL, EMILY, B.S. (Berry College) M.A. (University of Northern Colorado), Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

HAASE, DAVID, B.S., M.S. (University of Tennessee) Athletic Academic Coordinator, EXCEL Center

HALL, PRICE B., Manager for Systems Administration, Information Technology Services

HANNAH, KASEY, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Academic Advisor, Richards College of Business

HARGRAVES, ALICIA, B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Coordinator of Faculty Records, Academic Affairs

HARDIN, VICKI G., B.A. (Oglethorpe University), Associate Director, Career Services

HARRIS, JULIAN S., Public Safety Captain, Public Safety

HARRIS, MICHAEL, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academic Instructional Support Specialist, Newnan Center

HAYNES, MELBA, Supervisor, Mail Services

HEATH, THOMAS G., A.D.N., B.S.N. (University of West Georgia), M.S.N. (Kennesaw State University), Nurse Practitioner, Health Services

HEATH-WARD, ELAINE, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Education

HEATON, LORIN N., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Instructional Designer, USG eCore

HEMBREE, JAMES A., Horticulturalist, Landscaping and Grounds

HENDERSON, ERIN, B. ChE. (Auburn University) Director of Governmental Relations and Special Projects

HENDERSON, ERNEST W., B.B.A. (West Georgia College) Director of Planned Giving, Development and Alumni Relations

HENDRICKS, JILL, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S. (University of West Georgia), Health Education Coordinator

HERNDON, PATRICIA, B.A. (Baylor University), Assistant Director, University Communications and Marketing

HESTER, MICHAEL D., B.A. (West Georgia College), M.A. (University of Georgia), Ph.D. (Georgia State University), Dean, Honors College and Transdisciplinary Programs

HILDEBRANDT, MELANIE D., B.A., M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), M.A. (Georgia Southern University), Director of Undergraduate Research, Honors College

HILL, CHERYL T., A.A. (Southern Union State Junior College), B.A. (West Georgia College), M.Ed. (State University of West Georgia), Office of Minority Affairs

HITE, JO, Executive Associate to the Dean, School of Nursing

HOGAN, CONNIE, Front End Coordinator, Bookstore

HOLBROOK, SARAH B., Assistant Director, Debate Program

HOLCOMBE, DEBORAH B., Design and Prepress Manager, Publications and Printing

HOLLAND, SUSAN, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academic Coordinator, Department of English

HORNE, JUDITH, B.S. (University of West Georgia) Departmental Associate - Veterans Certification, Enrollment Services Center

HUDGINS, TINA, Administrative Specialist for Development and Alumni Relations

HUDSON, SHAYE, B.S. (Mercer University), Compensation & Classification Specialist

HUETT, JASON, B.A. (Texas State University), M.S. (Texas A & M University), Ph.D. (University of North Texas), Associate Dean, Online Development & USG eCore

HYTOWER, DEBRA C., B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar

ICE, EMBRY, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Graduate Studies Associate, School of Nursing

JABLECKI-KRIEL, THERESA, B.S. (Auburn University), Director Environmental Health and Safety-Risk Management

JANOWSKI, AUSTIN B., B.A. (University of West Georgia), M.A. (University of West Georgia), Business manager, USG eCore

JENKINS, BEN, Physics Lab Coordinator

JENNINGS, ROBERT B., B.M. (West Georgia College), M.M. (Georgia State University), Director, Townsend Center for Performing Arts

JILES, PATRICIA T., Administrative Specialist, Honors College and Extended Degree Programs

JONES, KATHY A., Educational Program Specialist, College of Education

JORDAN, JENNIFER, B.A., B.S. (University of West Georgia), Departmental Associate, Enrollment Services Center

JORDAN, KATIE M., B.S. (University of West Georgia), Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

JORDAN, MATT, B.A. (St. Leo University), Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator

KELLY, MELISSA, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Pre-Award Service Manager, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

KENT, AMY, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Executive Associate, College of Education

KING, JEFFERY S., B.A. (West Georgia College), Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach, Compliance and Academic Coordinator

KIRBY, GRETA, Assistant Supervisor, Mail Services

KOLAR, MARGAREG, B.S. (Mercer University), M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Counselor, Student Development Center

KOVACS, MARISA, B.A. (Coastal Carolina University), M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Head Women's Soccer Coach

KRAEMER, SHARON J., Assistant Director of Planned Giving, Development and Alumni Relations

KRAFT, CHARLOTTE E., B.S. (West Georgia College), Benefits Counselor, Human Resources

KRAL, KATHY B.S. (Michigan State University), M.S. (Wayne State University), Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

LAMB, LAURA HERRON, B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Student Development Specialist, The Advanced Academy of Georgia

LANG, CAROLYN, A.A. (Mott Community College), B.A. (Oakland University), M.S. (Mississippi State University), Residence Life and Judicial Coordinator, Residence Life

LARREW, JONETTE, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Senior Secretary, Department of English

LASETER, GLORIA, B.A. (West Georgia College), M. Ed. (University of West Georgia), Associate Athletics Director

LESTER, RICHARD SETH, B.S. (Livingston University), Head Athletic Trainer

LEWIS, ASHLEY M., B.A. (Valdosta State University), M.P.A. (Valdosta State University), Assistant Director and MAP Coordinator, Excel Center

LEWIS, DAN, B.S. (University of Bridgeport), Director of the Center for Business Excellence.

LINEBACK, JULIE, B.S. (University of Tennessee), Web Content Manager

LINGRELL, KAREN M., B.A. (Bowling Green State University), M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Director of Collaborative Programs, USG eCore

LIVERMAN, DAWN, B.S., M.B.S. (University of West Georgia), Academic Coordinator, School of Nursing

LOCK, CHRISTY, B.A., M.Ed. (Auburn University), Coordinator of Learning and Tutoring Programs, EXCEL Center

MACKEL, THOMAS J., B.S., M.S. (Georgia State University), Director of University Police

MARABOTTO, MATIAS, B.A. (University of West Georgia) Departmental Associate, Distance and Distributed Education

MARIS, CHARLES, B.S. Biology and Psychology (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Ph.D. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Emory University), Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Projects

MARLOW, JEFF, B.A. (West Georgia College), Digital Printing Technician, Publications and Printing

MARPLE, ALLYSN, B.S.(Liberty University), Departmental Associate, Office of the Registrar

MARTIN, DONNA E., Office Manager, Publications and Printing

MAXWELL, JENNIFER, A.B.J. (University of Georgia), Departmental Associate, Enrollment Services Center

MAYFIELD, LAURA, Bookstore Course Materials Manager

McDANIEL, DARLENE, B.S. (Berry College), M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Post- Award Service Manager, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

McGEE, REBECCA M., Human Resources Generalist, Sr., Human Resources

McGUKIN, WANDA RAINEY, A.S., B.A. M.P.A.(University of West Georgia), Director, Career Services

MEHAFFEY, ANGELA MEDDERS, B.A. (West Georgia College), M.A. (West Georgia College), Administrative Supervisor III, InterLibrary Loan, Ingram Library

MERRILL, BECKY, Mail Clerk, Mail Services

MILES, RODGER A., R.Ph., A.S., B.S. (University of Montana), Pharmacist, Health Services

MILLER, JO ETTA, B.S. (University Southern MS), Budget Operations Specialist

MORGAN, CASSIE N., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar

MOSLEY, KATIE, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Second Year Program Coordinator, EXCEL Center

MOSTOWY, TARA, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation, Campus Center

MUNN, PATRICIA ANN, Administrative Coordinator/Senior Counselor, Financial Aid Office

MURPHY, PATRESA, B.B.A., MPACc (University of West Georgia), Bursar

NAHRI, KEIHAN, B.A., M.E., M.B.A. (Georgia Institute of Technology) Information Technology Services

NAHRI, SHANNON, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S. (University of West Georgia) Assistant Coordinator for Disability Services, Counseling & Career Development

NELSON, HARRY, B.M. (University of West Georgia), M.M. (University of Georgia), Business Operations Specialist, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Humanities

NICHOLS, JANET L., B.S. (Georgia State University), Coordinator of Clinical Experiences, College of Education

NORTH, TIM B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Network Support Specialist, Information Technology Services

NUNNALLY, SHARON K., B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Coordinator for Disability Services, Counseling & Career Development

ODUSELU, SAMUEL, M.S. (Georgia State University), Career Counselor, Counseling & Career Development

PARHAM, DENISE, R. NG., (Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing), Nurse Practitioner, Health Service

PARKER, SHELLY R., Administrative Coordinator, Purchasing Services

PARTIN, TRACY, Administrative Specialist, Bursar's Office

PAUL, JAMES, B.A. (Delaware State University), University Television Production Coordinator II

PEARSON, MIKE, Computer Support Specialist II, Information Technology Services

PENA, ELSA, B.A. (Universidad de Chile), Masters in Urban Planning (Universidad Catolica), Architect

PHILLIPS, ANN, B.F.A., M.F.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. (University of Georgia), Counselor, Student Development Center

PINKARD, PATRICIA D., University Ombuds Office

PITELLI, MARITZA, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Captioning Specialist, Counseling & Career Development

PITTS, SONJA, Window Clerk, Mail Services

PLUMMER, EUGENE, Network Support Specialist, Information Technology Services

POST, MICHAEL D., Advisor, Enrollment and Student Services, USG eCore; UWG Online Dept. Associate

POWELL, BOBBI, A.A.S (DeKalb Technical College) B.S. (University of Phoenix), Web Developer for Collaborative Programs, USG eCore

PRITCHETT, ANNETTE, B.A., B.S.W. (Jacksonville State University), M.S.W. (Alabama A & M), Scheduling Coordinator, Academic Affairs

PRITCHETT, H. FRANKLIN, JR., B.A., M.Ed. (West Georgia College), Associate Executive Director for Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

PYRON, TERESA H., A.A.S. (Jefferson State Junior College), A.A.S. (Calhoun Community College), Publications Specialist II, Publications and Printing

RABERN, CHRISTY, B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academic Advisor and Assessment Coordinator, Richards College of Business

RAINEY, ELIZABETH, B.A. (Carson-Newman College), Program Specialist, Advanced Academy of Georgia

RAJCZYK, KIMBERLY M., B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Education

REECE, ASHLEY R., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Departmental Associate, Office of the Registrar

REECE, JOSH, Shipping Receiving Coordinator, Central Stores, Receiving and Delivery

REEVES, MARK, B.A. (West Georgia College), BIS (University of West Georgia), M.B.A. (University of Colorado), Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services

REYES, KRIS, B.A, M.A, Ed.S (University of West Georgia) Counselor, Counseling & Career Development

RICE, CHERYL A., B.A. (West Virginia Wesleyan College), M.A., M.Ed. (Auburn University), Director of EXCEL: Center for Academic Success

RICHARDS, DEANNA, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Program Coordinator, College of Education Graduate Studies, College of Education

RICHARDSON, MICHAEL W., B.S. (University of West Georgia), Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology Services

RICHARDSON, TRACY, B.B.A., M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Academic Advisor, Richards College of Business

RILEY, SPENCER, B.S. (University of Tennessee), Assistant Football Coach

RIOFRIO, REBECCA E., L.P.N. (Carroll Technical Institute), Licensed Practical Nurse, Health Service

ROBERTS, SALLY O., B.A. (West Georgia College), M.A. (University of Georgia), Director of Publications and Printing

ROBINSON, H. DENISE, Human Resource Specialist

ROBINSON, KEVIN, Administrative Coordinator, Counseling & Career Development

ROBINSON, KIMBERLY, B.A. (Strayer University), Data Collections Specialist

ROBINSON, SHERRY LANGLEY, Director, Enrollment Services Center

RODEN, J. CRAIG, B.S., M.A. (Livingston University of W. Alabama), Head Coach Women's Basketball

ROESSLER, JOHN, Assistant Controller

ROGERS, GRADY E., JR., Printing Services Supervisor

ROSS, KATIE, B.A. (University of West Georgia) Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

ROWLAND, STACY L., B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Student Success Manager, USG eCore

RUBINO, TERRI M., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Department Manager, Human Resources

RUDOLPH, EDWIN B., B.S., M.S. (University of West Georgia), Laboratory & Assessment Coordinator, Department. of Computer Science

SAMPLES, JOHNNIE A., C.D.A. (Chattahoochee Technical Institute), Child Development Specialist I

SARGENT, WESLEY M., JR., B.S. (University of Georgia), M.A., Ed.S (University of West Georgia), Career Counselor, Counseling & Career Development

SCHMELZER, BETHANY, B.S. (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), M.A. (University of Illinois), Academic Advisor, College of Education

SCHRENGER, BEVERLY, A.A. (Pensacola Jr. College), B.A., M.Ed. (University of West Florida), Evaluation Specialist

SCHWEINFURTH, CARLOS, B.F.A. (Auburn University), Associate Director of Marketing for Collaborative Programs, USG eCore

SCOTT, CHARITY, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Accounting Manager, Office of the Controller

SCOTT, III, JOHN H., B.A. (Austin College), Interim Director, Residence Life

SEARS, RICHARD, Bachelor of Accounting (University of Mississippi), C.P.A., (American Institute of CPA), C.M.N. (International Negotiations Institute), C.T.P.M. (State of Texas), Assistant Vice President and University Controller

SEGOVIA, SHARON A., B.S. (California State University - Northridge), Administrative Manager, College of Education

SELLERS, JUSTIN E., B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), EDP Technical Support Specialist II, Information Technology Services

SENFELD, DAWN, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Social Media Specialist, USG eCore

SEWELL, JOSH M., B.A. (University of West Georgia), Coordinator of Advancement Publications

SHIREY, ELAINE, L.P.N. (Ayers Stet Technical College), Licensed Practical Nurse I, Health Services

SHIVERS, APRIL T., B.S., M.P.A. (Columbus State University), Residence Life and Judicial Counselor, Residence Life

SHORTT, SYLVIA ELAINE, A.B. (Brown University), M.Ed., Ed.S. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director, International Programs

SHUMAKE, MARDEL, B.A., M.S. (University of West Georgia), Security Specialist, Information Technology Services

SIEGEL, STEPHANIE, B.A. (State University of West Georgia), Data Collections Coordinator, College of Education

SINGLETON, TIMOTHY, B.S. (Wingate University), M.S. (Georgia State), Assistant Athletic Trainer

SLUDER, DAVID, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

SMITH, GAIL U., B.A. (LaGrange College), M.A. (University of West Georgia), Library Technical Associate I, Acquisitions, Ingram Library

SMITH, LORETTA H., R.N. (Anniston Memorial Hospital), Staff Nurse I, Health Service

SMITH, NORMAN, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Life

SMITH, NORMAN, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Life

SMITH, REBECCA L. B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Director, Newnan Center Extended Degree Programs

SMITH, SHERISE, B.A. (Loyola College), M.A. (Tufts University) Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

SNOW, SARA, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Web Content Manager

SPARKS, LINDA R., L.P.N. (Carroll Technical Institute), Licensed Practical Nurse I, Health Service

SPEIR, BETTY, M.S. (University of West Georgia), B.S.N. (University of West Georgia), Simulation Nurse Educator, School of Nursing

SPRUCK, CHRIS R., B.S. (University of Georgia), Web Applications Developer, UWG Online

STEELE, HELEN D., B.S. (Winthrop University), M.Ed. (University of South Carolina), Director, First Year Experience

STEELE, MICHAEL, B.S. (Winthrop University), M.Ed. (Clemson University), Assistant Director for Greek Life, Center for Student Involvement

STEWART, ROBIN, B.F.A. (University of West Georgia), Graphic Designer, USG eCore

STEWART, JENNIFER H., B.A (LaGrange College), M.Ed. (Cambridge College) Academic Advisor, EXCEL Center

STEWART, JOSHUA, B.A. (University of West Georgia), Evening and Weekend Manager, Campus Center

STROUD, SHANTIA, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Senior Admissions Representative

SULLIVAN, JERMAINE, B.A. (Georgia State University), M.A. (Georgia Southern University), Educational Program Specialist, USG eCore

SUTHERLAND, JAMES, B.A. (Old Dominion University), B.S. (Central Missouri State University), M.B.A. (University of Missouri), C.P.A. (Colorado), Vice President for Business and Finance

SWANSON, ERIKA L., B.S. (University of Nevada), M.S. (Eastern New Mexico University), Head Softball Coach

TALLEY-SMITH, CHRISTY E., B.A., M. Ed. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction,USG eCore

TAYLOR, FRANCESCA B., B.A. (Augusta College), M.A. (Florida State University), Director of Learning Support and Testing

THOMPSON, LAURI, B.S. (New Hampshire College), Computer Specialist, Continuing Education

TEITELBAUM, EMILY, B.A. (Denison University), M.S.Ed. (Southern Illinois University), Coordinator of Student Programs, Center for Student Involvement

TREADWELL, BARBARA, Bookstore Merchandise Manager

VAN TONDER, REYNARD, B.B.A., MPAcc (University of West Georgia), Business Operations Specialist & Testing Coordinator, USG eCore

VAVRIK -PALMER, DAWN, B.S. (Illinois State University), M.S.Ed. (Illinois State University), Assistant Director, Residence Life

WALBURN, LINCOLN, B.S. (Western Carolina University), M.Ed. (Western Carolina University), Assistant Director, Campus Center

WALKER, WANDA, ASSOC. (West Georgia Tech), Bookstore Events and Customer Service Coordinator

WALLACE, CALLE, B.A. (young Harris College), Admissions Representative, Office of Admissions

WALLS, SHERRY M., B.A. (West Georgia College), Director, TecHUB

WATKINS, ROBERT S., Director for Facilities and Grounds

WELLS, PATRICIA, B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Graduate Studies Associate, College of Social Sciences

WESLEY, ALICE D., Graduate Associate, College of Science and Mathematics

WEST, KAREN GREENE, B.B.A. (West Georgia College), Assistant Director, Information Technology Services

WHEELER, DAVID, B.S. (Northwest Missouri State University, M.S. (Western Illinois University), Defensive Coordinator (Football)

WHITLOCK, STEPHEN, B.A. (Eastern Illinois University), M.S.M. (University of Alabama in Huntsville), Director of Residence Life

WILLEY, WILLIAM, B.A. (University of West Georgia), M.A. (University of West Georgia), Receiving Coordinator, Bookstore

WILLIAMS, ALICIA, B.B.A (University of West Georgia), Administrative Specialist-Curriculum, Distance and Distributed Education

WILLIAMS, CHRISTIE, B.A., M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Counselor, Advanced Academy of Georgia

WILLIAMS, KENDEREK, B.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Admission Representative, Office of Admissions

WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY, B.S.C. (University of West Georgia), Residence Life and Judicial Coordinator

WILLIAMSON, DIANE R., B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Dean, Richards College of Business

WILSON, GARTH D., B.S. (West Georgia College), Computer Services Specialist III, Information Technology Services

WORTHINGTON, NICOLE, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Central Florida), Director of Development, Public Affairs

WRIGHT, CATHERYN J., B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Ed.S. (University of West Georgia), Director, Newnan Center, Extended Degree Program

YAWN, ROB, B.S. (Grantham University), Manager for Networking , Information Technology Services

YEARTY, ASHLEIGH, B.F.A., M.Ed. (University of West Georgia), Instructional Designer, USG eCore

YOUNG, ALEXANDRA, B.S., M.S. (University of West Georgia), Instructional Services & Advising Coordinator, Dept. of Computer Science

YOUNG, ANDREW, B.S. (University of West Georgia), Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

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Course Descriptions

Index to Course Listings by Program

ETEC 1101 Electronic Technology in the Educational Environment 1-2/0/1-2

STEM 3815 Perspectives on Science and Mathematics 3/0/3

Business Education Courses (ABED)

Accounting Courses (ACCT)

Anthropology Courses (ANTH)

ANTH 1100 Faces of Culture 2/0/2

ANTH 1102 Introduction to Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 2001 Introduction to Archaeology 3/0/3

ANTH 2002 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 2003 Introduction to Physical Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 2100 Archaeological Field School 0/6/3

ANTH 3103 Archaeological Laboratory Methods 0/6/3

ANTH 3110 Human Osteology 3/0/3

ANTH 3157 Applied Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 3158 Economic Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 3180 Environmental Anthropology: Local-Global Connections 3/0/3

ANTH 3184 Mesoamerican Archaeology 3/0/3

ANTH 3185 Ancient Tribes and Civilizations 3/0/3

ANTH 3186 Anthropology of Gender 3/0/3

ANTH 3188 Ethnographic Field Methods 0/8/4

ANTH 3200 Directed Research 0/4-12/2-6

ANTH 3250 Field Methods in Physical Anthropology 0/8/4

ANTH 4100 History of Anthropological Thought 3/0/3

ANTH 4102 Archaeological Field Research 0/8/4

ANTH 4105 Environmental Archaeology 3/0/3

ANTH 4106 North American Indians 3/0/3

ANTH 4112 Senior Thesis 0/3/3

ANTH 4115 North American Archaeology 3/0/3

ANTH 4117 Archaeology of Georgia 3/0/3

ANTH 4120 Indians of the Southeastern United States 3/0/3

ANTH 4125 Forensic Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 4130 Medical Anthropology 3/0/3

ANTH 4132 Human Life Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective 3/0/3

ANTH 4134 Animals and Culture 3/0/3

ANTH 4144 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America 3/0/3

ANTH 4150 Human Evolution 3/0/3

ANTH 4155 Peoples and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa 3/0/3

ANTH 4160 Contemporary Archaeological Thought 3/0/3

ANTH 4165 Primatology 3/0/3

ANTH 4170 Myth, Magic and Religion 3/0/3

ANTH 4173 Language and Culture 3/0/3

ANTH 4180 Archaeological Curation 1/5/3

ANTH 4181 Cultural Resources Management 3/0/3

ANTH 4184 Anthropology Capstone 1/0/1

ANTH 4186 Internship 0/1-6/1-6

ANTH 4201 Artifact Analysis 3/0/3

ANTH 4202 Rise and Fall of Ancient Civlizations 3/0/3

ANTH 4203 Indigenous Archaeology 3/0/3

ANTH 4881 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

ANTH 4885 Special Topics 1-3/0/1-3

ANTH 4900 Directed Reading 0/0/1-3

ANTH 4983 Directed Research 0/0/3

Art Courses (ART)

ART 1006 Design I (2D) 0/6/3

ART 1007 Drawing I 0/6/3

ART 1008 Drawing II 0/6/3

ART 1009 Design II (3D) 0/6/3

ART 1201 Introduction to Art 3/0/3

ART 2000 Oral Communication and the Visual Arts 3/0/3

ART 2011 Art for Middle Grades 0/6/3

ART 2012 Art for Special Populations 0/6/3

ART 2201 History of Western Art I 3/0/3

ART 2202 History of Western Art II 3/0/3

ART 3000 Art for Early Childhood and Elementary 0/4/2

ART 3011 Elementary Art Methods 0/6/3

ART 3012 Art for Pre-K and Special Populations 0/6/3

ART 3210 Non-Western Art 3/0/3

ART 3220 Art of the Ancient World 3/0/3

ART 3230 Medieval Art of Christian Europe and the Near East 3/0/3

ART 3240 Italian Renaissance or Baroque Art 3/0/3

ART 3250 18th or 19th Century Art 3/0/3

ART 3260 American Art 3/0/3

ART 3270 Pre-World War II Modernism 3/0/3

ART 3275 Art Since 1945 3/0/3

ART 3280 Museum Seminar 3-4/0/3-4

ART 3301 Beginning Ceramics 0/6/3

ART 3302 Intermediate Ceramics: Molds, Multiples, and Mechanical Means 6/0/3

ART 3401 Graphic Design I 0/6/3

ART 3402 Graphic Design II: Typography II 0/6/3

ART 3403 History of Graphic Design 3/0/3

ART 3501 Principles of Residential Design 0/6/3

ART 3502 Construction Drawing and Lighting 0/6/3

ART 3503 Colors and Materials 0/6/3

ART 3504 Perspective Drawings and Renderings 0/6/3

ART 3601 Painting I: Watercolor 0/6/3

ART 3602 Painting II 0/6/3

ART 3701 Photography I 0/6/3

ART 3702 Photography II 0/6/3

ART 3703 Photography III 0/6/3

ART 3704 Introduction to Time-Based Art (Video I) 0/6/3

ART 3801 Printmaking I: Survey 0/6/3

ART 3802 Relief Printmaking 0/6/3

ART 3901 Introductory Sculpture 0/6/3

ART 3902 Sculpture II 0/6/3

ART 3903 Sculpture III 0/6/3

ART 4000 Advanced Drawing 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4005 Advanced Life Drawing 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4007 Digital Media For Artist 0/6/3

ART 4009 Art Curriculum and Classroom Management 0/6/3

ART 4010 Secondary Art Methods 0/6/3

ART 4011 Student Teaching in Art Education 0/3/3

ART 4012 Student Teaching in Art Education 0/3/3

ART 4013 Student Teaching in Art Education 0/3/3

ART 4078 Junior Review 0/0/0

ART 4212 History of Interiors 3/0/3

ART 4290 Modernist Criticism 3/0/3

ART 4295 Special Topics in Art History 3/0/3

ART 4298 Senior Capstone in Art History I 1/0/1

ART 4299 Senior Capstone in Art History II 2/0/2

ART 4302 Intermediate Ceramics: 20th Century Studio 0/6/3

ART 4303 Intermediate Ceramics: Surface, Image and Text 0/6/3

ART 4304 Advanced Ceramics 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4400 Graphic Design Studio Problems 1.5/1.5/3

ART 4403 Graphic Design III: Type and Image 0/6/3

ART 4404 Graphic Design IV 0/6/3

ART 4405 Graphic Design V 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4406 Graphic Design VI: Professional Portfolio 0/6/3

ART 4503 Computer Aided Design 0/6/3

ART 4504 Contract Design 0/6/3

ART 4505 Studio Problems in Interior Design 2-6/0/1-3

ART 4506 Business Practice for Interior Designers 0/6/3

ART 4507 Advanced Residential Design 0/6/3

ART 4508 Advanced Computer Aided Design 0/6/3

ART 4586 Internship 0/1-9/1-9

ART 4603 Painting III 0/6/3

ART 4604 Painting IV 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4605 Advanced Painting 0/6/3

ART 4702 From Still to Moving Images 0/6/3

ART 4704 Documentary Photography 0/6/3

ART 4705 History of Photography 1.5/3/3

ART 4706 Advanced Photography Studio 0/6/3

ART 4707 Professional Photography Assignments 0/6/3

ART 4708 Exp Prac in Lens-Based Media 3/0/3

ART 4803 Intaglio 0/6/3

ART 4804 Lithography 0/6/3

ART 4805 Advanced Printmaking 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4821 Printmaking IV: Screenprinting 0/6/3

ART 4822 The Art of Letterpress Printing and the Book 0/6/3

ART 4903 Sculpture IV 0/6/3

ART 4904 Advanced Sculpture 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4985 Special Topics 0/2-6/1-3

ART 4998 Senior Capstone Experience I 1/0/1

ART 4999 Senior Capstone Experience II 2/0/2

Astronomy Courses (ASTR)

Biology Courses (BIOL)

BIOL 1010 Fundamentals of Biology 3/0/3

BIOL 1010L Fundamentals of Biology Laboratory 0/2/1

BIOL 1011 Biology of Human Reproduction 3/0/3

BIOL 1012 Ecology and Environmental Biology 3/0/3

BIOL 1013 Biology of AIDS and Infectious Disease 3/0/3

BIOL 1014 Nutrition 3/0/3

BIOL 1015 The Unseen World of Microbes 3/0/3

BIOL 1015L The Unseen World of Microorganisms Lab 0/1/1

BIOL 1101 Freshman Biology Seminar 1/0/1

BIOL 1107 Principles of Biology I 3/0/3

BIOL 1107L Principles of Biology I Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II 3/0/3

BIOL 1108L Principles of Biology II Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 1110 Biological Diversity 2/2/3

BIOL 2021 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3/0/3

BIOL 2021L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 2022 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3/0/3

BIOL 2022L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 2030 Medical Microbiology 3/0/3

BIOL 2030L Medical Microbiology Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 2107 Principles of Biology I for Biology Majors 3/0/3

BIOL 2107L Principles of Biology I Lab for Biology Majors 0/3/1

BIOL 2108 Principles of Biology II for Biology Majors 3/0/3

BIOL 2108L Principles of Biology II Lab for Biology Majors 0/3/1

BIOL 2120 Biological Computer Applications 1/0/1

BIOL 2130 Sophomore Biology Seminar 0/1/1

BIOL 2134 Molecular Cell Biology 3/0/3

BIOL 2134L Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 2135 Ecology, Evolution, and Experimental Biology 3/0/3

BIOL 2135L Ecology, Evolution and Experimental Biology Laboratory 0/3/1

BIOL 2983 Undergraduate Biology Research 0/1-4/1-4

BIOL 2985 Special Topics in Biology 1-4/0/1-4

BIOL 3010 Biology for Middle Grades Education 3/0/3

BIOL 3134 Cell and Molecular Biology 4/0/4

BIOL 3135 Ecology 4/0/4

BIOL 3221 Taxonomy of Flowering Plants and Ferns 3/3/4

BIOL 3223 Vascular Plants 3/3/4

BIOL 3226 Natural History of Vertebrates 3/3/4

BIOL 3231 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 2/6/4

BIOL 3232 Vertebrate Evolution 3/0/3

BIOL 3242 Evolution 4/0/4

BIOL 3310 Microbiology 3/3/4

BIOL 3513 Human Physiology 3/3/4

BIOL 3526 Vertebrate Histology 3/3/4

BIOL 3621 Genetics and Medical Genetics 3/3/4

BIOL 3825 Research Methods 3/0/3

BIOL 4241 Entomology 3/3/4

BIOL 4242 Invertebrate Zoology 3/3/4

BIOL 4245 Ichthyology 3/3/4

BIOL 4266 Molecular Ecology 3/0/3

BIOL 4315 Microbial Physiology and Genetics 3/3/4

BIOL 4321 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 3/3/4

BIOL 4325 Advanced Medical Microbiology 3/0/3

BIOL 4424 Wildlife Habitat Ecology 3/3/4

BIOL 4440 Aquatic Ecology 2/6/4

BIOL 4441 Animal Behavior 3/3/4

BIOL 4445 Marine Biology 3/3/4

BIOL 4450 Terrestrial Ecology 2/6/4

BIOL 4503 Biological Perspectives: Biochemistry 3/0/3

BIOL 4520 Developmental Biology and Embryology 3/3/4

BIOL 4539 Comparative Physiology 3/0/3

BIOL 4541 Plant Physiology 3/3/4

BIOL 4666 Evolutionary Genomics 3/0/3

BIOL 4727 Essentials of Immunology 3/0/3

BIOL 4728 Bacterial Pathogenesis 3/0/3

BIOL 4729 Medical Virology 3/0/3

BIOL 4730 Emerging Pathogens 3/0/3

BIOL 4731 Introduction to Toxicology 3/0/3

BIOL 4732 Biology of Aging 3/0/3

BIOL 4733 Nutrition 3/0/3

BIOL 4734 Neuroscience 3/0/3

BIOL 4981 Independent Study 0/1-4/1-4

BIOL 4983 Advanced Undergraduate Biology Research 0/1-4/1-4

BIOL 4984 Senior Biology Seminar 1/0/1

BIOL 4985 Special Topics in Biology 1-4/0-4/1-4

BIOL 4986 Biological Internship 0/1-6/1-6

Birth Through Five Courses (BRFV)

Business Administration Courses (BUSA)

Counseling & Educational Psychology Courses (CEPD)

Chemistry Courses (CHEM)

CHEM 1000 Workshop for CHEM 1151K 0/0/0

CHEM 1001 Workshop for CHEM 1211K 0/0/0

CHEM 1002 Workshop for CHEM 1152K 0/0/0

CHEM 1003 Workshop for CHEM 1212K 0/0/0

CHEM 1100 Introductory Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 1100L Introductory Chemistry Laboratory 0/3/1

CHEM 1151K Survey of Chemistry I 3/3/4

CHEM 1152K Survey of Chemistry II 3/3/4

CHEM 1211 Principles of Chemistry I 3/0/3

CHEM 1211L Principles of Chemistry I Lab 0/3/1

CHEM 1211K Principles of Chemistry I 3/3/4

CHEM 1212 Principles of Chemistry II 3/0/3

CHEM 1212L Principles of Chemistry II Lab 0/2/1

CHEM 1212K Principles of Chemistry II 3/3/4

CHEM 1230K Accelerated Principles of Chemistry 4/0/4

CHEM 2083 Selected Projects in Chemistry 0/1-3/1-3

CHEM 2130 Sophomore Chemistry Seminar 1/0/1

CHEM 2411 Organic Chemistry I 3/0/3

CHEM 2411L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 0/3/1

CHEM 2422 Organic Chemistry II 3/0/3

CHEM 2422L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 0/3/1

CHEM 3010 Law and Administration of Chemicals 3/0/3

CHEM 3130 Modern Forensic Science 3/0/3

CHEM 3140 Drugs and Drug Abuse 3/0/3

CHEM 3310K Analytical Chemistry 3/4/4

CHEM 3422 Organic Chemistry II 3/0/3

CHEM 3422L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 0/3/1

CHEM 3510 Survey of Physical Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 3521 Quantum Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 3522 Chemical Thermodynamics 3/0/3

CHEM 3550L Physical Chemistry Laboratory 0/4/2

CHEM 3810 Chemical Process Principles 3/0/3

CHEM 3825 Research Methods 3/0/3

CHEM 3830 Engineering Thermodynamics 3/0/3

CHEM 3885 Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering 1-3/0/1-3

CHEM 4003 History and Philosophy of Science 3/0/3

CHEM 4081 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

CHEM 4083 Faculty Directed Research 0/1-3/1-3

CHEM 4084 Senior Seminar 0/1/1

CHEM 4086 Internship in Chemistry 0/1-3/1-3

CHEM 4185 Selected Topics for Teachers 1-4/0/1-4

CHEM 4330K Instrumental Analysis 3/1/4

CHEM 4340 Surface Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4350L Techniques of Surface Chemistry Laboratory 0/3/1

CHEM 4385 Advanced Topics in Analytical Chemistry 1-4/0/1-4

CHEM 4410 Organic Medicinal Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4485 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry 1-4/0/1-4

CHEM 4585 Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 1-4/0/1-4

CHEM 4610 Inorganic Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4611 Structure and Bonding 3/0/3

CHEM 4612 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4685 Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry 1-4/0/1-4

CHEM 4711 Biochemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4712 Physical Biochemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4720L Biochemistry Laboratory 0/6/2

CHEM 4910L Tools and Applications in Chemical Research and Practice 1/5/3

CHEM 4913L Advanced Synthesis Laboratory 0/6/2

CHEM 4920 Environmental Chemistry 2/6/4

CHEM 4930 Chemical Kinetics 3/0/3

CHEM 4940 Industrial Chemistry 3/0/3

CHEM 4985 Selected Topics in Chemistry: An Integrated Approach 1-4/0/1-4

Management Information Systems Courses (CISM)

Mass Communications Courses (COMM)

COMM 1100 Human Communication 3/0/3

COMM 1110 Public Speaking 3/0/3

COMM 1115 Debate Practicum 0/2/2

COMM 1154 Introduction to Mass Communications 3/0/3

COMM 2110 Intercultural Communication 3/0/3

COMM 2254 Media Ethics 3/0/3

COMM 3301 Writing and Reporting for Newspapers I 2/2/3

COMM 3302 Writing and Reporting for Newspapers II 2/2/3

COMM 3303 Editing and Markup for Print Publications 2/2/3

COMM 3310 Argumentation 3/0/3

COMM 3313 Public Relations Principles 3/0/3

COMM 3330 Advanced Communication Skills 3/0/3

COMM 3350 Telecommunication and Electronic Media Industries 3/0/3

COMM 3351 Radio Program Production 2/2/3

COMM 3352 Fundamentals of Video Production 2/2/3

COMM 3353 Fundatmentals of Film Production 2/2/3

COMM 3354 Digital Social Media and Society 3/0/3

COMM 3355 Media Programming and Management 3/0/3

COMM 3356 Film and Culture 3/0/3

COMM 3357 Diversity and Mass Media 3/0/3

COMM 4402 Feature Writing 2/2/3

COMM 4403 Photojournalism 2/2/3

COMM 4413 Public Relations Cases 3/0/3

COMM 4414 Public Relations Management 3/0/3

COMM 4421N Practicum-The West Georgian 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421N Practicum-The West Georgian 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421P Practicum - Student-Managed Public Relations Firm 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421P Practicum - Student-Managed Public Relations Firm 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421R Practicum - The WOLF Internet Radio 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421R Practicum - The WOLF Internet Radio 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421T Practicum - UTV13 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4421T Practicum - UTV13 0/2-6/1-3

COMM 4444 Public Relations Campaigns 3/0/3

COMM 4450 Broadcast News Writing and Reporting 2/2/3

COMM 4451 Copy Writing for Telecommunication and Electronic Media 3/0/3

COMM 4452 Advanced Film and Video Production 2/2/3

COMM 4454 Media Law 3/0/3

COMM 4455 Critical Issues in Mass Communications 3/0/3

COMM 4481 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

COMM 4484 Mass Communications Research Methods 3/0/3

COMM 4485 Special Topics 3/0/3

COMM 4486 Internship 0/6/3

Criminology Courses (CRIM)

CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3/0/3

CRIM 2000 Survey of Criminology 3/0/3

CRIM 2245 Juvenile Delinquency 3/0/3

CRIM 2272 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3/0/3

CRIM 2273 Criminal Procedure 3/0/3

CRIM 2274 American Criminal Courts 3/0/3

CRIM 3240 Criminological Theory 3/0/3

CRIM 3241 Corrections 3/0/3

CRIM 3242 Drug Abuse 3/0/3

CRIM 3323 Criminal Law 3/0/3

CRIM 3333 Victimology 3/0/3

CRIM 3705 Criminal Profiling 3/0/3

CRIM 3900 Social Science and the Legal System 3/0/3

CRIM 3983 Directed Criminology Research 0/0/3

CRIM 4000 Research Methodology 3/0/3

CRIM 4003 Statistics for Social Sciences 3/0/3

CRIM 4200 Violent Crime 3/0/3

CRIM 4211 Police Deviance 3/0/3

CRIM 4230 Ethics and Criminal Justice 3/0/3

CRIM 4231 Women in the Criminal Justice System 3/0/3

CRIM 4232 Family Violence 3/0/3

CRIM 4233 Gangs 3/0/3

CRIM 4248 International Comparative Justice 3/0/3

CRIM 4250 Crime Prevention 3/0/3

CRIM 4255 Youth, Crime and Community 3/0/3

CRIM 4277 Police in Society 3/0/3

CRIM 4278 Police and Community Relations 3/0/3

CRIM 4279 Race and Crime 3/0/3

CRIM 4280 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice 3/0/3

CRIM 4284 Senior Capstone 3/0/3

CRIM 4285 Practicum in Criminology 0/1/1

CRIM 4286 Internship 0/3-6/1-6

CRIM 4293 Correctional Programs 3/0/3

CRIM 4402 Prison Law 3/0/3

CRIM 4543 Deviant and Alternative Behavior 3/0/3

CRIM 4613 Qualitative Research 3/0/3

CRIM 4650 Corporate and White Collar Crime 3/0/3

CRIM 4693 Sports, Crime, and Society 3/0/3

CRIM 4712 Law and Society 3/0/3

CRIM 4911 Terrorism 3/0/3

CRIM 4981 Directed Readings 0/1-3/1-3

CRIM 4983 Senior Thesis 0/0/3

Computer Science Courses (CS)

Early Childhood/Elementary Education Courses (ECED)

Economics Courses (ECON)

Educational Foundations Courses (EDFD)

Introductory Education Courses (EDUC)

English Courses (ENGL)

ENGL 99 Basic Composition 3/0/3

ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3/0/3

ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3/0/3

ENGL 2000 American Speech 3/0/3

ENGL 2050 Self-Staging: Oral Communication in Daily Life 3/0/3

ENGL 2060 Introduction to Creative Writing 3/0/3

ENGL 2080 Introduction to the Art of Film 3/0/3

ENGL 2110 World Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 2111 World Literature I 3/0/3

ENGL 2120 British Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 2130 American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 2132 American Literature II 3/0/3

ENGL 2180 Studies in African-American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 2190 Studies in Literature by Women 3/0/3

ENGL 3000 Research and Methodology 3/0/3

ENGL 3160 Philosophy in Literature and Film 3/0/3

ENGL 3200 Intermediate Creative Writing 3/0/3

ENGL 3300 Studies in American Culture 3/0/3

ENGL 3350 Introduction to Africana Studies 3/0/3

ENGL 3400 Pedagogy and Writing 3/0/3

ENGL 3405 Professional and Technical Writing 3/0/3

ENGL 4106 Studies in Genre 3/0/3

ENGL 4108 Studies in the Novel 3/0/3

ENGL 4109 Film as Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4110 Medieval Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4115 Renaissance Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4120 Seventeenth-Century British Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4125 Colonial and Early American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4130 Eighteenth-Century British Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4135 British Romanticism 3/0/3

ENGL 4140 American Romanticism 3/0/3

ENGL 4145 Victorian Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4150 American Realism and Naturalism 3/0/3

ENGL 4155 Twentieth-Century British Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4160 Twentieth-Century American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4165 Contemporary British and American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4170 Studies in African-American Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4180 Studies in Regional Literature 3/0/3

ENGL 4185 Studies in Literature by Women 3/0/3

ENGL 4188 Individual Authors 3/0/3

ENGL 4210 Advanced Creative Writing 3/0/3

ENGL 4238 Methods for Teaching Secondary English 3/1/4

ENGL 4286 Teaching Internship 0/0/9

ENGL 4295 Reading and Literature in Secondary English Classrooms 3/0/3

ENGL 4300 Studies In English Language 3/0/3

ENGL 4310 Studies in Literary Theory 3/0/3

ENGL 4381 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

ENGL 4384 Senior Seminar 3/0/3

ENGL 4385 Special Topics 3/0/3

ENGL 4386 Internship 0/3/3

Engineering Courses (ENGR)

Environmental Courses (ENVS)

Film Courses (FILM)

Finance Courses (FINC)

Foreign Language Courses (FORL)

French Courses (FREN)

Geography Courses (GEOG)

GEOG 1013 World Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 1111 Physical Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 1112 Weather and Climate 3/0/3

GEOG 1112L Weather and Climate Laboratory 0/1/1

GEOG 1113 Landform Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 1113L Landform Geography Laboratory 0/1/1

GEOG 2010 Political Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 2083 Introduction to Geographical Analysis 3/0/3

GEOG 2253 Geographies of Economic Development 3/0/3

GEOG 2503 Cultural Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 2505 Human Impacts on the Environment 3/0/3

GEOG 2553 Introduction to GIS and Mapping Sciences 3/0/3

GEOG 3010 Rethinking Geopolitics 3/0/3

GEOG 3085 Selected Topics in Regional Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 3253 Economic Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 3300 Population Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 3405 Geographies of Sustainability 3/0/3

GEOG 3563 Introduction to Remote Sensing 4/0/4

GEOG 3643 Urban Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 3644 Atlanta's Geographies 3/0/3

GEOG 3713 Meteorology 3/0/3

GEOG 3723 Physiography of United States 3/0/3

GEOG 3800 Biogeography 3/0/3

GEOG 3900 Ecological Climatology 3/0/3

GEOG 4013 Globalization 3/0/3

GEOG 4082 Directed Problems 0/3/3

GEOG 4084 Senior Seminar: Why Geography Matters 3/0/3

GEOG 4086 Internship 0/3/3

GEOG 4103 Geography of Soils and Water 3/0/3

GEOG 4253 Seminar in Econ Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 4400 Energy and Sustainability 3/0/3

GEOG 4403 Water Resources Planning 3/0/3

GEOG 4500 Moral Geographies 3/0/3

GEOG 4503 Culture, Space, and Place 3/0/3

GEOG 4553 Geographic Information System 4/0/4

GEOG 4554 Computer Cartography 4/0/4

GEOG 4562 Airphoto Interpretation and Photogrammetry 4/0/4

GEOG 4564 Introduction to Image Processing 4/0/4

GEOL 4604 Economic Geology 3/2/4

GEOG 4643 Seminar in Urban Geography 3/0/3

GEOG 4700 Global Environmental Change 3/0/3

GEOG 4753 Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis 4/0/4

GEOG 4755 GIS Database Design 4/0/4

GEOG 4757 Programming and Customization in GIS 4/0/4

GEOG 4800 Advanced Topics in Biogeography 3/0/3

GEOG 4893 Practicum in GIS 4/0/4

GEOG 4900 Dendrochronology 3/2/4

Geology Courses (GEOL)

GEOL 1011K Introductory Geosciences I 3/1/4

GEOL 1121 Introductory Geosciences I: Physical Geology 3/0/3

GEOL 1121L Physical Geology Laboratory 0/2/1

GEOL 1122 Introductory Geosciences II: Historical Geology 3/0/3

GEOL 1122L Historical Geology Laboratory 0/2/1

GEOL 1123 Environmental Observations 3/0/3

GEOL 1123L Environmental Observations Laboratory 0/2/1

GEOL 2002 Applied Computing for Geosciences 1/2/2

GEOL 2313 Descriptive Astronomy 3/0/3

GEOL 2313L Descriptive Astronomy Laboratory 0/2/1

GEOL 2503 Introduction to Oceanography 3/0/3

GEOL 2553 Geology of the National Parks 3/0/3

GEOL 3003 Field Methods 3/0/3

GEOL 3004 Field Geology and Geologic Mapping 3/2/4

GEOL 3014 Mineralogy and Crystallography 2/4/4

GEOL 3024 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 2/4/4

GEOL 3034 Structural Geology 2/4/4

GEOL 3042 Optical Mineralogy 0/4/2

GEOL 3043 Optic Mineralogy and Petrography 1/4/3

GEOL 3053 Sedimentary Petrology 2/2/3

GEOL 3603 Environmental Geology 3/0/3

GEOL 3825 Research Methods 3/0/3

GEOL 4003 Geomorphology 2/2/3

GEOL 4014 Geochemistry 3/2/4

GEOL 4024 Paleontology 3/2/4

GEOL 4033 Stratigraphy and Geochronology 2/2/3

GEOL 4034 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy 3/2/4

GEOL 4044 Engineering Geology 3/2/4

GEOL 4063 Plate Tectonics 3/0/3

GEOL 4074 Regional Applications of Field Geology 0/8/4

GEOL 4082 Geological Problems 0/1-3/1-3

GEOL 4083 Environmental Geochemistry 3/0/3

GEOL 4084 Hydrogeology 3/2/4

GEOL 4093 Risk Assessment 3/0/3

GEOL 4103 Dinosaurs! 3/0/3

GEOL 4203 Geology of Georgia 3/0/3

GEOL 4501 Geology Seminar 1/0/1

GEOL 4985 Selected Topics in Geology 3-4/0/3-4

Global Studies Courses (GLOB)

German Courses (GRMN)

History Courses (HIST)

HIST 1111 Survey of World History/Civilization I 3/0/3

HIST 1112 Survey of World History/Civilization II 3/0/3

HIST 2111 U S History I (to 1865) 3/0/3

HIST 2112 U S History II (since 1865) 3/0/3

HIST 2302 The Historian's Craft: Methodology 3/0/3

HIST 3300 Studies in American Culture 3/0/3

HIST 3301 History and Philosophy of Science 3/0/3

HIST 3311 Ancient Near East and Classical World 3/0/3

HIST 3312 Near East in Middle Ages 3/0/3

HIST 3313 Near East in Modern Times 3/0/3

HIST 3315 Civilization of India 3/0/3

HIST 3318 African Society: The Precolonial Era 3/0/3

HIST 3321 Western Europe in Middle Ages 3/0/3

HIST 3323 17th and 18th Century Europe 3/0/3

HIST 3326 Colonial Latin America 3/0/3

HIST 3327 Latin America Since Independence 3/0/3

HIST 3341 Britain to 1688 3/0/3

HIST 3342 Britain since 1688 3/0/3

HIST 3350 Introduction to Africana Studies 3/0/3

HIST 3351 Imperial Russia 3/0/3

HIST 3361 American Diplomacy 3/0/3

HIST 3362 African-American History to 1865 3/0/3

HIST 3363 African-American History Since 1865 3/0/3

HIST 3500 Junior Historiography Seminar 3/0/3

HIST 4010 Teaching Methods for History 3/0/3

HIST 4209 Greek and Roman Warfare 3/0/3

HIST 4210 Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity 3/0/3

HIST 4230 War, State, and Society in Early Modern Europe 3/0/3

HIST 4250 The First World War 3/0/3

HIST 4251 The Second World War 3/0/3

HIST 4285 Special Topics in European History 3/0/3

HIST 4385 Special Topics in World History 3/0/3

HIST 4400 Introduction to Public History 3/0/3

HIST 4401 Theory and Practice of Oral History 3/0/3

HIST 4402 Introduction to Archival Theory and Practice 3/0/3

HIST 4403 Introduction to Museum Studies 3/0/3

HIST 4404 History of American Architecture 3/0/3

HIST 4411 European Renaissance in Global Perspective 3/0/3

HIST 4412 The Reformation 3/0/3

HIST 4413 The Atlantic World 1450-1800 3/0/3

HIST 4417 19th Century Europe, 1789-1914 3/0/3

HIST 4418 20th Century Europe 3/0/3

HIST 4419 The Cold War 3/0/3

HIST 4420 The Holocaust 3/0/3

HIST 4421 Mexico Since Independence 3/0/3

HIST 4422 U.S. and Latin American Relations 3/0/3

HIST 4423 Women and Gender in the Ancient World 3/0/3

HIST 4424 Conflict and Interdependence in South Africa 3/0/3

HIST 4430 The Vietnam War 3/0/3

HIST 4432 The Roman Republic 3/0/3

HIST 4433 Introduction to Modern China 3/0/3

HIST 4436 French Revolution -- Napoleon 3/0/3

HIST 4437 France Since 1815 3/0/3

HIST 4440 Modern Germany 3/0/3

HIST 4441 Modern Ireland, 1780 to Present 3/0/3

HIST 4443 Introduction to Modern Japan 3/0/3

HIST 4446 Soviet Russia 3/0/3

HIST 4451 Colonial America, 1492-1763 3/0/3

HIST 4452 The American Revolution, 1763-1783 3/0/3

HIST 4453 The American Republic, 1783-1815 3/0/3

HIST 4454 Jacksonian America 1815-1848 3/0/3

HIST 4455 Civil War and Reconstruction: 1848-1877 3/0/3

HIST 4461 Environmental History 3/0/3

HIST 4463 American Military History 3/0/3

HIST 4464 American Sports History 3/0/3

HIST 4465 US Society and Culture to 1865 3/0/3

HIST 4466 U.S. Society and Culture Since 1865 3/0/3

HIST 4467 Women in American History to 1890 3/0/3

HIST 4468 Women in American History Since 1890 3/0/3

HIST 4469 The Civil Rights Movement 3/0/3

HIST 4471 The Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1877-1920 3/0/3

HIST 4472 The Rise of Modern America, 1920-1945 3/0/3

HIST 4473 Recent America: The U.S. Since World War II 3/0/3

HIST 4474 History of Georgia 3/0/3

HIST 4475 Southern Families and Communities 3/0/3

HIST 4476 The Old South 3/0/3

HIST 4477 The New South 3/0/3

HIST 4478 American Religion to 1800 3/0/3

HIST 4479 American Religion Since 1800 3/0/3

HIST 4481 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

HIST 4484 Senior Seminar 3/0/3

HIST 4485 Special Topics 3/0/3

HIST 4486 Public History Internship 0/6-12/3-6

Integrated Science Courses (ISCI)

Library Instruction courses

Mathematics Courses (MATH)

MATH 97 Beginning Algebra 3/0/3

MATH 99 Intermediate Algebra 3/0/3

MATH 1001 Quantitative Skills and Reasoning 3/0/3

MATH 1101 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling 3/0/3

MATH 1111 College Algebra 3/0/3

MATH 1113 Precalculus 3-4/0/3-4

MATH 1401 Introduction to Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 1413 Survey of Calculus 3/0/3

MATH 1501 Calculus I 4/0/4

MATH 1634 Calculus I 4/0/4

MATH 2008 Foundations of Numbers and Operations 3/0/3

MATH 2009 Sophomore Seminar 1/0/1

MATH 2063 Introductory Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 2644 Calculus II 4/0/4

MATH 2654 Calculus III 4/0/4

MATH 2853 Elementary Linear Algebra 3/0/3

MATH 3003 Transition to Advanced Mathematics 3/0/3

MATH 3063 Applied Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 3243 Advanced Calculus 3/0/3

MATH 3303 Ordinary Differential Equations 3/0/3

MATH 3353 Methods of Applied Mathematics 3/0/3

MATH 3413 Survey of Modern Algebra 3/0/3

MATH 3703 Geometry for P-8 Teachers 3/0/3

MATH 3803 Algebra for P-8 Teachers I 3/0/3

MATH 3805 Functions & Modeling 3/0/3

MATH 3825 Research Methods 3/0/3

MATH 4003 Dynamical Systems 3/0/3

MATH 4013 Numerical Analysis 3/0/3

MATH 4043 Number Theory 3/0/3

MATH 4103 Operations Research 3/0/3

MATH 4153 Applied Mathematical Modeling 3/0/3

MATH 4203 Mathematical Probability 3/0/3

MATH 4213 Mathematical Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 4233 College Geometry 3/0/3

MATH 4253 Real Analysis 3/0/3

MATH 4313 Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations 3/0/3

MATH 4353 Complex Analysis 3/0/3

MATH 4363 Partial Differential Equations 3/0/3

MATH 4413 Abstract Algebra I 3/0/3

MATH 4423 Abstract Algebra II 3/0/3

MATH 4473 Combinatorics 3/0/3

MATH 4483 Graph Theory 3/0/3

MATH 4513 Linear Algebra I 3/0/3

MATH 4523 Linear Algebra II 3/0/3

MATH 4613 Introduction to Topology 3/0/3

MATH 4713 Probability and Statistics for P-8 Teachers 3/0/3

MATH 4753 Trigonometry and Calculus for the P-8 Teacher 3/0/3

MATH 4773 Number Theory for P-8 Teachers 3/0/3

MATH 4803 Analysis of Variance 3/0/3

MATH 4813 Regression Analysis 3/0/3

MATH 4823 Applied Experimental Design 3/0/3

MATH 4833 Applied Nonparametric Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 4843 Introduction to Sampling 3/0/3

MATH 4853 An Introduction to the History of Mathematics 3/0/3

MATH 4863 Algebra for P-8 Teachers II 3/0/3

MATH 4885 Special Topics in Applied Statistics 3/0/3

MATH 4983 Senior Project 1/0/1

MATH 4985 Special Topics in Mathematics 0/1-3/1-3

Media Courses (MEDT)

Middle Grades Education Courses (MGED)

Management Courses (MGNT)

Marketing Courses (MKTG)

Music Courses (MUSC)

MUSC 1000 Comprehensive Music Laboratory 0/0/0

MUSC 1100 Music Appreciation 3/1/3

MUSC 1110 Survey of World Music 2/1/2

MUSC 1120 Survey of Jazz, Rock, and Popular Music 3/1/3

MUSC 1201 Class Piano I 0/2/1

MUSC 1202 Class Piano II 0/2/1

MUSC 1210 Group Classical Guitar 0/1/1

MUSC 1250 The Elements of Music 2/0/2

MUSC 1301 Music Theory I 3/1/3

MUSC 1302 Music Theory II 3/1/3

MUSC 1401 Aural Skills I 1/2/1

MUSC 1402 Aural Skills II 1/2/1

MUSC 1501 Keyboard Skills I 0/2/1

MUSC 1502 Keyboard Skills II 0/2/1

MUSC 2301 Music Theory III 3/1/3

MUSC 2302 Music Theory IV 3/1/3

MUSC 2401 Aural Skills III 1/2/1

MUSC 2402 Aural Skills IV 1/2/1

MUSC 2501 Keyboard Skills III 0/2/1

MUSC 2502 Keyboard Skills IV 0/2/1

MUSC 2600A Principal Applied: Piano 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600B Principal Applied: Organ 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600C Principal Applied: Voice 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600D Principal Applied: Strings 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600E Principal Applied: Guitar 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600F Principal Applied: Flute 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600G Principal Applied: Oboe 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600I Principal Applied: Clarinet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600J Principal Applied: Bassoon 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600K Principal Applied: Saxophone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600L Principal Applied: Horn 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600M Principal Applied: Trumpet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600N Principal Applied: Trombone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600O Principal Applied: Euphonium 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600P Principal Applied: Tuba 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2600Q Principal Applied: Percussion 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610A Non-Music-Major Applied: Piano 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610B Non-Music-Major Applied: Organ 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610C Non-Music-Major Applier: Voice 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610D Non-Music-Major Applied: Strings 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610E Non-Music-Major Applied: Guitar 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610F Non-Music-Major Applied: Flute 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610G Non-Music-Major Applied: Oboe 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610I Non-Music-Major Applied: Clarinet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610J Non-Music-Major Applied: Bassoon 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610K Non-Music-Major Applied: Saxophone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610L Non-Music-Major Applied: Horn 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610M Non-Music-Major Applied: Trumpet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610N Non-Music-Major Applied: Trombone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610O Non-Music-Major Applied: Euphonium 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610P Non-Music-Major Applied: Tuba 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2610Q Non-Music-Major Applied: Percussion 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 2700 Wind Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2710 Symphony Band 0/1/1

MUSC 2720 Marching Band 0/1/1

MUSC 2730 Jazz Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2740 Chamber Winds 0/1/1

MUSC 2750 Concert Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2760 Chamber Singers 0/1/1

MUSC 2770 Opera Workshop 0/1/1

MUSC 2800A Small Ensemble: Keyboard Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800B Small Ensemble: Collegium Musicum 0/1/1

MUSC 2800C Small Ensemble: Guitar Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800D Small Ensemble: Flute Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800E Small Ensemble: Clarinet Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800F Small Ensemble: Saxophone Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800G Small Ensemble: Woodwind Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800I Small Ensemble: Horn Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800J Small Ensemble: Trumpet Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800K Small Ensemble: Trombone Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 2800L Small Ensemble: Tuba / Euphonium Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800M Small Ensemble: Brass Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800N Small Ensemble: Percussion Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 2800O Small Ensemble: Jazz Combo 0/1/1

MUSC 2800P Small Ensemble: Basketball Band 0/1/1

MUSC 2800Q Small Ensemble: Mixed Chamber Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 3000 Music for Classroom Teachers 2/0/2

MUSC 3230 Technology in Composition & Improvisation 2/1/2

MUSC 3601 Woodwind Techniques and Materials 1/2/1

MUSC 3602 Brass Techniques and Materials 1/2/1

MUSC 3603 Percussion Techniques and Materials 1/2/1

MUSC 3604 String Techniques and Materials 1/2/1

MUSC 3605 Voice Techniques and Materials 1/2/1

MUSC 3606 Principles of Diction 1/2/1

MUSC 3701 Western Music Before 1825 3/0/3

MUSC 3702 Western Music After 1825 and World Music 3/0/3

MUSC 3850 Conducting 3/0/3

MUSC 3900 Music in Elementary Schools 3/2/3

MUSC 4000 Music in Secondary Schools 3/2/3

MUSC 4011 Choral Methods and Materials 3/2/3

MUSC 4021 Instrumental Methods and Materials 3/2/3

MUSC 4150 Vocal Pedagogy and Literature 3/0/3

MUSC 4160 Instrumental Pedagogy and Literature 3/0/3

MUSC 4171 Keyboard Literature Before 1825 2/0/2

MUSC 4172 Keyboard Literature After 1825 2/0/2

MUSC 4175 Collaborative Keyboard Skills I 1/2/1

MUSC 4176 Collaborative Keyboard Skills II 1/2/1

MUSC 4181 Piano Pedagogy I 2/1/2

MUSC 4182 Piano Pedagogy II 2/1/2

MUSC 4183 Piano Pedagogy III 2/1/2

MUSC 4184 Piano Pedagogy IV 2/1/2

MUSC 4186 Teaching Internship 0/14/3

MUSC 4187 Teaching Internship 0/14/3

MUSC 4188 Teaching Internship 0/14/3

MUSC 4200 Orchestration and Arranging 2/1/2

MUSC 4240 Form and Analysis 2/0/2

MUSC 4300 Jazz History and Styles 3/0/3

MUSC 4311 Applied Jazz Composition and Arranging 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4321 Applied Jazz Improvisation 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4400 Counterpoint 2/0/2

MUSC 4410 Applied Composition 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4500 Accompanying 2/0/2

MUSC 4600A Principal Applied: Piano 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600B Principal Applied: Organ 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600C Principal Applied: Voice 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600D Principal Applied: Strings 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600E Principal Applied: Guitar 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600F Principal Applied: Flute 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600G Principal Applied: Oboe 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600I Principal Applied: Clarinet 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600J Principal Applied: Bassoon 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600K Principal Applied: Saxophone 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600L Principal Applied: Horn 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600M Principal Applied: Trumpet 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600N Principal Applied: Trombone 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600O Principal Applied: Euphonium 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600P Principal Applied: Tuba 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4600Q Principal Applied: Percussion 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4610A Secondary Applied: Piano 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610B Secondary Applied: Organ 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610C Secondary Applied: Voice 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610D Secondary Applied: Strings 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610E Secondary Applied: Guitar 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610F Secondary Applied: Flute 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610G Secondary Applied: Oboe 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610I Secondary Applied: Clarinet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610J Secondary Applied: Bassoon 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610K Secondary Applied: Saxophone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610L Secondary Applied: Horn 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610M Secondary Applied: Trumpet 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610N Secondary Applied: Trombone 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610O Secondary Applied: Euphonium 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610P Secondary Applied: Tuba 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4610Q Secondary Applied: Percussion 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4644 Half Composition Recital 0/2/2

MUSC 4700 Wind Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4710 Symphony Band 0/1/1

MUSC 4720 Marching Band 0/1/1

MUSC 4730 Jazz Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4740 Chamber Winds 0/1/1

MUSC 4750 Concert Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4760 Chamber Singers 0/1/1

MUSC 4770 Opera Workshop 0/1/1

MUSC 4800A Small Ensemble: Keyboard Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800B Small Ensemble: Collegium Musicum 0/1/1

MUSC 4800C Small Ensemble: Guitar Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800D Small Ensemble: Flute Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800E Small Ensemble: Clarinet Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800F Small Ensemble: Saxophone Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800G Small Ensemble: Woodwind Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800I Small Ensemble: Horn Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800J Small Ensemble: Trumpet Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800K Small Ensemble: Trombone Choir 0/1/1

MUSC 4800L Small Ensemble: Tuba/ Euphonium Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800M Small Ensemble: Brass Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800N Small Ensemble: Percussion Ensemble 0/1/1

MUSC 4800O Small Ensemble: Jazz Combo 0/1/1

MUSC 4800P Small Ensemble: Basketball Band 0/1/1

MUSC 4800Q Small Ensemble: Mixed Chamber Ensemble 0/0/1

MUSC 4850 Applied Conducting 0/1-2/1-2

MUSC 4865 Music Business Internship 0/3-9/3-9

MUSC 4890 Marching Band Techniques 2/0/2

MUSC 4941 Half Recital 0/2/0

MUSC 4942 Full Recital 0/3/0

MUSC 4943 Jazz Recital 0/2/2

MUSC 4944 Half Composition Recital 0/2/2

MUSC 4945 Full Composition Recital 0/3/3

MUSC 4981 Directed Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4983 Music Research Project 0/1-3/1-3

MUSC 4985 Special Topics in Music 0/1-3/1-3

Nursing Courses (NURS)

NURS 2023 Applied Pharmacology 3/0/3

NURS 2101 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I 3/0/3

NURS 2102 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II 3/0/3

NURS 2281 Independent Study in Nursing 0/1-6/1-6

NURS 3000 Holistic Health Assessment 2/2/3

NURS 3101 Professional Nursing Concept I 3/0/3

NURS 3102 Professional Nursing Concepts II 2/0/2

NURS 3122 Professional Concepts 3/0/3

NURS 3135 Professional Nursing Practice 4/8/8

NURS 3172 Health Assessment 1/2/2

NURS 3192 Clinical Skills I 1/2/2

NURS 3201 Health Care of the Client I 3/0/3

NURS 3202 Health Care of the Client II 4/0/4

NURS 3222 Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 2/0/2

NURS 3235 Mental Health Nursing Practice 3/4/5

NURS 3245 Family Health Nursing Practice 4/8/8

NURS 3301 Clinical Practice I 0/12/6

NURS 3302 Clinical Practice II 0/12/6

NURS 3303 Competency-Based Clinical Performance 0/2/1

NURS 3355 Junior Practicum 0/4/2

NURS 3400 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3/0/3

NURS 4101 Professional Nursing Concepts III 2/0/2

NURS 4102 Professional Nursing Concepts IV 2/0/2

NURS 4192 Clinical Skills II 1/2/2

NURS 4201 Health Care of the Client III 4/0/4

NURS 4202 Health Care of the Client IV 4/0/4

NURS 4300 Clinical Specialty Practice 0/6/3

NURS 4301 Clinical Practice III 0/10/5

NURS 4302 Clinical Practice IV 0/16/8

NURS 4335 Adult Health Nursing Practice 4/8/8

NURS 4345 Community Health Nursing Practice 2/4/4

NURS 4422 Senior Seminar 2/0/2

NURS 4433 Nursing Leadership and Management 2/0/2

NURS 4444 Preparation for Professional Licensure 1/0/1

NURS 4468 Senior Practicum 1/16/9

NURS 4481 Independent Study 1-3/1-3/1-3

NURS 4485 Special Topics 1-3/1-3/1-3

NURS 4521 Holistic Health Assessment for RNs 2/2/3

NURS 4522 Professional Practice Issues and Concepts 3/0/3

NURS 4523 Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Communities 3/0/3

NURS 4525 Professional Practice Issues and Concepts 3/0/3

NURS 4527 Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Communities 4/8/8

NURS 4545 Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Communities 4/8/8

Physical Education Courses (PHED)

PHED 2602 Introduction to Teaching Health and Physical Education 1/2/2

PHED 2603 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3/0/3

PHED 2604 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3/0/3

PHED 2628 First Aid and CPR for Education Majors 1/0/1

PHED 2685 Special Topics in Physical Education 0/1-3/1-3

PHED 3401 Integrating Technology into Health and Physical Education 3/0/3

PHED 3500 Educational Games, Gymnastics, and Dance 0/4/2

PHED 3501 Skills and Strategies in Strength and Conditioning 0/4/2

PHED 3502 Skills and Strategies in Target and Outdoor Activities 0/4/2

PHED 3503 Skills and Strategies in Net and Wall Games 0/4/2

PHED 3504 Skills and Strategies in Invasion Games 0/4/2

PHED 3625 Motor Behavior 3/0/3

PHED 3630 Coaching Methods: Baseball and Softball 2/0/2

PHED 3631 Coaching Basketball 2/0/2

PHED 3632 Coaching Football 2/0/2

PHED 3633 Coaching Methods: Soccer 2/0/2

PHED 3634 Coaching Methods: Volleyball 2/0/2

PHED 3640 History of Sport 3/0/3

PHED 3641 Psychology of Sport 3/0/3

PHED 3670 Instructional Strategies of Health and Physical Education 2/3/3

PHED 3671 Physical Education in Elementary Schools 3/3/4

PHED 3675 Physical Education in Middle and Secondary Schools 3/3/4

PHED 3676 Elementary Physical Education Field Experience 0/6/2

PHED 3677 P-5 Health Education Field Experience 0/6/2

PHED 3678 Middle and Secondary Physical Education Field Experience 0/6/2

PHED 3710 Assessing Performance in Health and Physical Education 3/0/3

PHED 3720 Adapted Physical Education Field Experience 0/3/1

PHED 4500 Personal and Community Health Issues 2/3/3

PHED 4501 Contemporary Health Issues 2/3/3

PHED 4502 School Health Education 2/3/3

PHED 4601 Movement Analysis II 0/6/3

PHED 4603 Advanced Concepts of Personal Training 2/2/3

PHED 4605 Applied Biomechanics 2/2/3

PHED 4625 Management in Health, Physical Education and Sport 2/0/2

PHED 4630 Foundations and Principles of Coaching 3/0/3

PHED 4631 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3/0/3

PHED 4632 Administration of Athletic Programs 3/0/3

PHED 4633 Coaching Practicum 0/0/3

PHED 4635 Sport for Children and Youth 3/0/3

PHED 4650 Health and Physical Activity in Elementary Education 2/0/2

PHED 4660 Critical Issues in Health and Physical Education 3/0/3

PHED 4677 6-12 Health Education Field Experience 0/6/2

PHED 4680 Physical Education for Students with Disabilities 3/0/3

PHED 4681 Independent Study 0/1-3/1-3

PHED 4685 Special Topics in Physical Education 1-3/1-3/1-3

PHED 4686 Teaching Internship 0/27/9

PHED 4689 Teaching Internship Seminar 3/0/3

Philosophy Courses (PHIL)

Physics Courses (PHYS)

Planning Courses (PLAN)

Political Science Courses (POLS)

POLS 1101 American Government 3/0/3

POLS 2201 State and Local Government 3/0/3

POLS 2601 Political Science Methods I 3/0/3

POLS 3101 American Political Organizations 3/0/3

POLS 3102 Gender and Politics 3/0/3

POLS 3103 Media and Politics 3/0/3

POLS 3201 Public Policy 3/0/3

POLS 3301 The Judicial Process 3/0/3

POLS 3401 Comparative Politics 3/0/3

POLS 3402 Politics of Western Europe 3/0/3

POLS 3501 International Relations 3/0/3

POLS 3601 Political Science Methods II 3/0/3

POLS 3701 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 3/0/3

POLS 3702 Land Use Planning and Controls 3/0/3

POLS 3704 Planning Methods 3/0/3

POLS 4101 Legislative Process 3/0/3

POLS 4102 The Presidency 3/0/3

POLS 4103 Public Opinion 3/0/3

POLS 4186 Internship in Government 0/1-6/1-6

POLS 4200 Principles of Public Administration 3/0/3

POLS 4202 Interorganizational Behavior 3/0/3

POLS 4204 Public Finance 3/0/3

POLS 4207 Technology Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4208 Health Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4209 Environmental Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4210 Modern Public Management 3/0/3

POLS 4211 State and Local Politics and Administration 3/0/3

POLS 4212 State and Local Government Finance 3/0/3

POLS 4213 Comparative Public Administration and Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4214 Urban Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4215 Management of Non-Profit Organizations 3/0/3

POLS 4301 Constitutional Law I 3/0/3

POLS 4302 Constitutional Law II 3/0/3

POLS 4401 African Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4402 Russian Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4403 Latin American Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4405 Politics in the European Union 3/0/3

POLS 4406 British Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4407 European Environmental Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4408 EU Science & Technology Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4409 Democracy and Democratization 3/0/3

POLS 4411 Federalism and Multilevel Governance in the EU 3/0/3

POLS 4412 Democracy & the EU 3/0/3

POLS 4413 Social Policy in Europe 3/0/3

POLS 4414 History of European Integration 3/0/3

POLS 4462 American Politics since 1933 3/0/3

POLS 4501 International Law 3/0/3

POLS 4502 Gender and Ethnicity in International Politics 3/0/3

POLS 4503 International Organizations 3/0/3

POLS 4504 International Political Econmy 3/0/3

POLS 4505 American Foreign Policy 3/0/3

POLS 4506 International Conflict and Conflict Management 3/0/3

POLS 4507 US-EU Relations 3/0/3

POLS 4508 European Economic and Monetary Union 3/0/3

POLS 4509 EU Law & Legal Systems 3/0/3

POLS 4510 Foreign Policy & the EU 3/0/3

POLS 4601 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought 3/0/3

POLS 4602 Modern Political Thought 3/0/3

POLS 4603 American Political Thought 3/0/3

POLS 4701 Technology and Sustainable Economic Development 3/0/3

POLS 4704 Planning Theory and Practice 3/0/3

POLS 4705 Computers in Politics, Planning, and Management 3/0/3

POLS 4721 Housing and Community Development 3/0/3

POLS 4722 Environmental Planning 3/0/3

POLS 4723 Transportation Planning 3/0/3

POLS 4724 Sustainable Development 3/0/3

POLS 4981 Directed Reading in Political Science 0/1-3/1-3

POLS 4984 Senior Seminar 3/0/3

POLS 4985 Problems in Politics 3/0/3

Psychology Courses (PSYC)

PSYC 1030 Personal Relationships 3/0/3

PSYC 1040 Career and Job Search Strategies 3/0/3

PSYC 1101 Introduction to General Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 2000 Humanistic Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 2010 Psychology as a Human Science 3/0/3

PSYC 3010 Human Growth and Development 4/0/4

PSYC 3110 Human Sexuality 3/0/3

PSYC 3150 Abnormal Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 3200 Introduction to Organizational Development 3/0/3

PSYC 3310 Psychological Services 3/0/3

PSYC 3470 Existential Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 3580 Holistic Health Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 3590 Sports Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 3600 Psychology of Communication 3/0/3

PSYC 3703 Behavior Modification 3/0/3

PSYC 3730 Social Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 3760 Foundations of Neuroscience 3/0/3

PSYC 3800 Psychology of Mind and Body 4/0/4

PSYC 3900 Personality Theories 4/0/4

PSYC 4000 Humanistic Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 4003 Statistics for the Social Sciences 3/0/3

PSYC 4010 Theories of Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 4030 History and Philosophy of Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 4040 Psychology of Dreams 3/0/3

PSYC 4070 Psychology of Myth and Symbol 3/0/3

PSYC 4085 Horizon Seminar 3-4/0/3-4

PSYC 4090 Groups and Group Process 3/0/3

PSYC 4130 Eastern and Transpersonal Psychologies 4/0/4

PSYC 4140 Psychology of Gender 3/0/3

PSYC 4150 Tests and Measurements 3/0/3

PSYC 4160 Psychology of Love 3/0/3

PSYC 4190 Advanced Organizational Development 3/0/3

PSYC 4200 Parapsychology 3/0/3

PSYC 4220 Research Explorations 3/1/4

PSYC 4230 Phenomenological Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 4270 Psychology of Childhood 3/0/3

PSYC 4280 Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood 3/0/3

PSYC 4290 Moral and Social Development 3/0/3

PSYC 4350 Culture and Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 4360 Community Psychology 4/0/4

PSYC 4500 Explorations into Creativity 3/0/3

PSYC 4650 Transpersonal Development 3/0/3

PSYC 4660 Advanced Topics in Abnormal Psychology 3/0/3

PSYC 4670 Values, Meaning, and Spirituality 3/0/3

PSYC 4760 Introduction to Psychotherapy 3/0/3

PSYC 4864 Consumer Behavior 3/0/3

PSYC 4881 Independent Study in Psychology 0/1-4/1-4

PSYC 4884 Integrative Seminar 3/0/3

PSYC 4887 Practicum: Experiences in Human Services 0/1-8/1-8

P-12 Education Courses (PTED)

Personal Wellness And Leisure Activity Courses (PWLA)

Reading Courses (READ)

Real Estate Courses (RELE)

Secondary Education Courses (SEED)

Speech Language Pathology Courses (SLPA)

Sociology Courses (SOCI)

SOCI 1101 Introductory Sociology 3/0/3

SOCI 1160 Introduction to Social Problems 3/0/3

SOCI 2203 Introduction to Women's Studies 3/0/3

SOCI 3001 Preparing for Success in Sociology 3/0/3

SOCI 3100 Sociology of Humor 3/0/3

SOCI 3134 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare 3/0/3

SOCI 3273 Managing Cultural Differences 3/0/3

SOCI 3283 Globalization 3/0/3

SOCI 3293 Marriage and Family 3/0/3

SOCI 3543 The Sociology of Religion 3/0/3

SOCI 3603 Sociology of Gender 3/0/3

SOCI 3623 Social Inequality 3/0/3

SOCI 3733 Social Psychology: The Sociological Tradition 3/0/3

SOCI 3743 Collective Behavior and Social Movements 3/0/3

SOCI 3804 Death, Grief and Caring 3/0/3

SOCI 3943 American Class System 3/0/3

SOCI 3954 Aging: Past, Present, and Future 3/0/3

SOCI 3983 Directed Socioloy Research 0/0/3

SOCI 4000 Research Methodology 3/0/3

SOCI 4003 Statistics for Social Sciences 3/0/3

SOCI 4053 Sociological Theory 3/0/3

SOCI 4100 Ethnicity and Aging 3/0/3

SOCI 4103 Women and Work 3/0/3

SOCI 4153 Women and Aging 3/0/3

SOCI 4182 Aging Families 3/0/3

SOCI 4203 Women in American Society 3/0/3

SOCI 4204 Women in American Society 3/0/3

SOCI 4300 Housing and Homelessness 3/0/3

SOCI 4323 Cultural and Racial Minorities 3/0/3

SOCI 4325 Social Change in the Middle East 3/0/3

SOCI 4333 Urban Sociology 3/0/3

SOCI 4373 Visual Sociology 3/0/3

SOCI 4386 Internship 0/3-6/3-6

SOCI 4440 Sociology of Medicine 3/0/3

SOCI 4441 Sociology of Mental Health 3/0/3

SOCI 4445 Sociology of Childhood 3/0/3

SOCI 4503 Individual and Society 3/0/3

SOCI 4513 Comparative Social Psychology 3/0/3

SOCI 4543 Deviant and Alternative Behavior 3/0/3

SOCI 4613 Qualitative Research 3/0/3

SOCI 4623 Art, Media, Cultural Politics 3/0/3

SOCI 4693 Sports, Crime, and Society 3/0/3

SOCI 4700 Sociology of Emotions 3/0/3

SOCI 4734 Social Work Skills 3/0/3

SOCI 4801 Poverty 3/0/3

SOCI 4803 Environmental Sociology 3/0/3

SOCI 4913 Sociology of Everyday Life 3/0/3

SOCI 4915 Violence Against Women 3/0/3

SOCI 4916 Gender and Work 3/0/3

SOCI 4981 Directed Readings 1-3/1-3/1-3

SOCI 4982 Capstone: Internship 0/0/3

SOCI 4983 Capstone: Senior Thesis 0/0/3

SOCI 4984 Capstone: Senior Seminar 3/0/3

SOCI 4999 Special Seminars 3/0/3

Spanish Courses (SPAN)

Special Education Courses (SPED)

Sport Management Courses (SPMG)

Theatre Courses (THEA)

First Year University Experience Courses (UWG)


Interdisciplinary Courses (XIDS)

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