Department of Learning and Teaching

Ed. Annex 109 • 678-839-6559

The Department of Learning and Teaching offers programs/endorsements in the following areas:

Early Childhood Education (ECED)

K-5 Mathematics Endorsement (EDME)

Area of Early Childhood Education


J. Drake, H. Morgan

Associate Professors:

R. Duplechain, D. Harkins (Chair), J. Strickland

Assistant Professors:

N. Johnson, F. Stonier, L. Willox


W. Calhoun, E. Muzio, L. Steed


J. Cox, R. Lansing

Limited-Term Instructor:

J. Koch

Area of Special Education

Associate Professors:

J. Bucholz, M. Cooper, M. Trotman Scott

Assistant Professors:

K. Griffith, S. Robbins

Area of Language and Literacy

Reading Education

Associate Professors:

T. Ogletree, E. Roberts