Group Exercise Instructor


  • Instruct exercise classes in a professional manner, which follows:
    • 32-count choreographed classes
    • Using appropriate teaching techniques such as hand and visual cues, universal verbal cues, proper “countdown”, etc.
  • Assist with the maintenance of exercise equipment (i.e. Cycles, body bars, stability balls, rubber tubing, hand weights, etc.) by reminding class to put equipment away neatly and in pre-determined areas, performing equipment room “walk-thru’s” after class
  • Participate in special events including; Wellness Expos, Fitness Incentive Programs, etc.
  • Provide safe and effective advice when using equipment, show modifications when needed
  • Be attentive and outgoing to all participants.  Excellent customer service skills are required, which includes:
    • Greet people with a smile as the come into class
    • Start and end class on time
    • Always make yourself available with comments and/or questions from participants
    • Introduce yourself before you begin your class
    • Ask if there’s anyone “new” to the class, and inform them that your style of teaching may be different from the other teachers, and to be patient if choreography is new to them.
    • Be motivating and encouraging throughout the entire class
    • Get to know your participants by their first names, and address them as such!
    • Remind class of any updates, changes, etc. Provide a variety of music choices for various audiences
    • Change choreography at least twice a month to avoid “boredom”
    • End class with appropriate cool down, while providing positive enforcement 
  • Enforce and follow all facility and program policies.
  • Adheres to University Recreation policies (including maintaining GPA of 2.2)
  • Adheres to Job description
  • Abides by fitness program substitution policies, minimizes the use of subs
  • Understand legalities concerning unprofessional advice, such as nutrition advice, supplementation, etc.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and trainings, abide by signed contracts


  • Ability to conduct classes safely and effectively.
  • Experience teaching classes to various populations, including college-age, faculty and staff.
  • An understanding of strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Knowledge of kinesiology, including anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.
  • Ability to assist individuals in developing a safe and effective exercise
  • Good and clear communication skills.
  • Certification from a national organization is desirable.
  • Must pass practical and written exam before one can teach their own class.
  • Remains current in industry standards (maintains current CPR, regularly attends meetings and CEC workshops, obtains national certification).
  • Behave in a professional manner
  • Be well groomed and wears appropriate fitness attire
  • Support other instructors
  • Reports any problems to supervisor

HOURS: 8-12 hours/week 

SALARY: Starting at $8.50/hr