Event Reservations

University Recreation (UREC) is responsible for all reservations within the Campus Center.  For information on any of the Campus Center reservable spaces please contact UREC Administrative Office (678) 839-5500

Reservation Dates for Spring 2015:

Tier I:
Student organizations and departments housed in the Campus Center charged with providing campus-wide programming  (ie: Student Activities Council, Student Government Association, University Recreation, and Center for Student Involvement)
Available to start reserving : August 25th, 2014 (1st day of school)

Tier II:
Registered student organizations
Available to start reserving: Sept. 14, 2014

Tier III:
University Departments
Available to start reserving: Oct. 1, 2014

Tier IV: Non-University Groups (Non-Profit* & For-Profit)
*Non-Profit groups must provide a copy of the IRS form 501-e(3). All Board of Regents and UWG policies such as those for insurance coverage apply.
Available to start reserving: Oct. 19, 2014

Reservation Forms:

On-Campus Entities
(Student Organizations, Departments, etc.)

Off-Campus Entities
(High Schools, Churches, etc.)

For room availability please use the following instructions below:

  1. Find the date you would like to reserve
  2. Read over page to see if your space is available to reserve
  3. Once you have verified on the calendar that your date is available, please complete a reservation form found on our Event Reservation Page.
  4. If you are an off campus group, you must complete a contract and a deposit.

NOTE: Without a completed Reservation Form (on-campus groups) or Contract and deposit (off-campus groups) your date will not be penciled in or confirmed. Once all the proper documentation is received, we will then send you a reservation confirmation and your date will be set.