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Interested in personalized sessions? We offer individual sessions in the following areas:

The first step is to fill out a Medical Questionnaire at the University Recreation Office (Rm 202 of the Campus Center). Once the paperwork is filled out and signed, one of our certified trainers will contact you to setup a consultation appointment.

Personal Training

For your session, our trainers are fully committed to getting you the results you ask for. They will put the time and effort into helping you achieve your goals. They only ask in return that you are fully honest with them (past injuries, health history) and are respectful of their commitment to you.

Pilates Reformer

Reformer sessions focus on key resistance exercised that leave you feeling stronger, and more flexible. Stomach control and strengthening will be part of every session as you sculpt through a differnt sequence of exercises for the entire body.


On-on-one o small group sessions will allow you to experience a tailored practice with personal attention. Each session offers specifice emphasis to challenging poses, encouraging your body to move deeper into postures for maximum strength and flexibility.