The Campus Center Ballroom is best suited for conferences, banquets, proms, etc... The full Ballroom is 12,000 square feet which can be separated in to a number of different arrangements. Find the set-up below that best suits your need!

FULL BALLROOM #108                $900.00/$750.00
- seats 800 Theatre style w/stage
- seats 400 Banquet style w/dance floor & stage

BALLROOM #108.1                          $350.00/$250.00
- seats 250 Theater Style
- seats 104 Banquet Style

HALF BALLROOM #108.1&2       $600.00/$450.00
- seats 600 Theater Style
- seats 240 Banquet Style

BALL ROOM #108.2                         $450.00/$375.00
- seats 320 Theater Style
- seats 120 Banquet Style

BALLROOM #108.3&4                    $350.00/$250.00
- seats 225 Theater Style
- seats 104 Banquet Style

BALLROOM #108.3                          $175.00/$125.00
- seats 100 Theater Style
- seats 48 Banquet Style

BALLROOM #108.4                          $175.00/$125.00
- seats 90 Theater Style
- seats 48 Banquet Style

Fees include set up and AV that is located in each section of the ballroom. Any special set up other than theater or banquet may be an additional fee. University groups and off campus organizations needing a special set up other than the one above will be charged as follows:

Dance Floor Setup Charges:
15’ x 24’                   $75.00
21’ x 30’                   $100.00
27’ x 36’                   $150.00

Greenery Charges:     For requesting Greenery for events      $75.00

Stage Rental:

Stage                         $200.00 (off campus groups)
Stage                         $100.00 (on campus groups only if special set up is needed)
Cleaning                    $300.00 (if needed)

Only free standing decorations will be allowed. Nothing can be hung from the ceiling or taped to walls or screens. No open flame is allowed except by Aramark food service when serving food. No glitter or confetti is allowed. No balloons are allowed. Smoke machines may be used but must have approval of the Assistant Director of Operations to be sure they don’t set off the alarm system. All events must end by 11:50pm. At the conclusion of the event, groups will have one hour for cleanup, any time past that hour will be at the charge of $80.00 per hour above the rental fee.