Starting a New Club

Any group of students with a collective interest in a sport or activity has the ability to start a new Club Sport. The process for doing so is outlined in the steps below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the process, please feel free to contact the Club Sports Office for assistance.

ALL CLUB TEAMS MUST BE REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS WITH THE CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT (CSI). NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please refer to the Registered Student Organization Handbook for details. Upon completing the Student Organization Registration process you must also come by the UREC Business Office (Campus Center Rm. 202) for a Club Sports Application Packet.
Packet will include the following paperwork that must be reviewed, completed, and/or filed:
a. Club Sports Policies and Procedures Manual
b. Club Sports Registration Form
c. Roster form

Thoroughly review the Club Sports Policies and Procedures Manual to gather all relevant information about starting a Club Team

Ensure that you have students in place that are willing to serve as “Officers” for the Club. Officers are the main leadership of the Club. You will need a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety Officer.
a. In an effort to expand the leadership opportunities, each of the 4 officer positions must be held by 4 different club members. All officers must be students attending University of West Georgia in Carrollton.

Develop a Constitution and Bylaws (per the CSI requirement) using the instructions provided in the Application Packet, and submit a copy to the Associate Director of Program.

Once all documentation has been submitted and officers elected each officer is required to have an Officer Training session before final admittance in to the Club Sports program.

Recruit interested athletes by advertising an information meeting around campus, in the residence halls, and anywhere else that you think would reach your target.