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1. Math Counts - Offers fun and engaging programs that get middle school students excited about math.

2. NCTM - Serves math teachers, math educators, and administrators by providing math resources and professional development opportunities.

3. NSTA - Provides an extensive collection of information about the teaching of science.

4. Figure This - Provides an assortment of mathematical challenges based on real life situations

5. NCTM Illuminations - Designed to "illuminate" the new NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

6. Inside Mathematics - A professional learning community for educators passionate about improving students' mathematics learning and performance.

7. Promethean Planet - Provides 50,000+ free teaching resources, lesson plans and worksheets. Including free interactive whiteboard resources. Also download flipcharts for ActivInspire software on the Promethean board.

8. Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Provides virtual manipulative resource for both math and science.

9. Colorado PHET - Offers interactive science simulations.

10. Georgia Performance Standards - Department of Education's curriculum Web site. Provides lesson plans, Web resources, and assessments for Georgia teachers.

11. Carolina Curriculum - Provides curriculum guides for STC kits, which can be found in the UTeach Classroom.

12. Flinn Science - Offers numerous different resources in the Science fields, as well as a resource to buy necessary materials.

13. Teach Genetics - Designed with numerous resources that help with the challenge of teaching genetics.

14. Scholastic Resources - Provides many resources for teachers in all fields.

15. Science Buddies - Offers different resources for Science teachers in developing lessons and lab experiences.

16. UTeach Institute - Provides various resources and information on UTeach throughout the continental United States.

17. Collaborative Mathematics - A unique site that deals with new ways of teaching mathematics.

18. Teach Georgia - Georgia's teacher recruitment website, this is where almost all teaching jobs in Georgia are posted.

19. Teaching Channel - Provides numerous resources for teachers including instructional videos and Q&A between veteran teachers.

20. Math-Aids - Generates math worksheets based on concepts and is easily accessible to teachers, students and parents.

21. Education Portal - Offers numerous resources for Science and Math courses that can be utilized in the classroom.

22. Middle School Chemistry - Contains a variety of lesson plans dealing with chemistry that are catered towards teaching the concepts at the middle grades level.

23. National Geographic Education - Offers numerous teaching resources for teaching multiple subjects across the curriculum.

24. American Physical Society - An important resource for teaching physics at the elementary, middle and secondary levels.

25. American Geosciences Institute - Provides key resources for teaching geosciences, while also offering scholarships and professional development opportunities.

26. National Association of Biology Teachers - Contains free teacher resources, professional opportunities and other information relevant to biology teachers.

27. Math Apps - Provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site offers numerous free apps that could be used in the math classroom.

28. ScienceNet Links - Offers lessons and tools that are beneficial for science teachers in the classroom. This unique site also provides resources for after-school programs.

29. CASES Online - Created by Emory, this website offers K-12 inquiry based lessons to actively engage students.

30. SuperTeacher Tools - Contains numerous technological resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

31. McGraw Hill Science - Created by the textbook publishing company, this website has classroom resources for science teachers.

32. 3M Science of Everyday - Offers varying tools that can help teachers or aspiring teachers in the development of 5E Lesson Plans.

33. Discovery Education - Provided by the Discovery Channel, this website has a number of resources for teachers of all subjects.

34. PBS Learning Media - Offers multiple resources for teaching varying grade levels and subjects, provided by PBS.

35. Study Jams - Provides interactive walk through activities for math and science lessons for  elementary and middle grades students.

36. How to Smile - An award winning website that contains numerous activities for teaching math and science. 

37. GeoGebra - Offers multilevel dynamic teaching and learning resources for science and mathematics.

38. Teach Engineering - Provides standard based lessons and resources for teaching engineering content in K-12 classrooms.

39. Illustrative Mathematics - A site that provides video guidance for covering K-12 mathematics standards.

40. Siemen's STEM Academy - Teacher resources for teaching STEM fields.

41. Ted-Ed - This popular site allows teachers to design lessons around the popular Ted-Talk videos.

42. Dare to Compare - Provides students the opportunity to compete worldwide with other students in various subjects and grade levels.

43. Sally Ride STEM Central - Offers numerous types of resources for STEM education encompassing various grade levels.

44.GEMS - Provided by UCal Berkley, this site offers resources for great explorations in math and science.

45. FOSSWeb - Offers many digital resources from Delta Education for teaching science lessons.

46. TopScience - Helps teachers design intriguing science lessons with very common materials.

47. Inquiry in Motion - A dynamic lesson planning tool for inquiry-based science and math teaching and learning.

48. AIMS Ed - Provides resources and professional development opportunities for elementary and middle grades math and science teachers.

49. Teachers Try Science - A site that offers resources designed to spark student interest in STEM fields.

50. Inquiry in Action - Offers resources and lessons for teaching physical science and chemistry using the inquiry method.

51. Annenberg Learning - Provides teacher resources and professional development opportunities across the curriculum.

52. MAIS K-6 Science Inquiry - Designed to prepare and assist teachers to engage K-6 students in inquiry specifically the areas of problem solving and critical thinking.

53. Mathematics Assessment Project - The purpose of this site is to develop assessment and teaching strategies for common core standards in mathematics.

54 - CommonCore - Provides resources for understanding and implementing common core standards in all subject areas. 

55. BetterLessons - A website that offers over 3000 lessons based on Common Core.