UWG Pre-Kindergarten

The University of West Georgia has a unique opportunity to combine faculty, student and community life in the form of the Pre-Kindergarten. The UWG Pre-K is a laboratory school for children who are age four on or before September 1 and are residents of Georgia. We are located in the Education Annex, and we serve our students in combination with the Georgia Department of Education, Bright from the Start. This high quality educational program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring teachers to observe and participate in practical experiences supervised by University faculty and staff in a stunning school facility without leaving the West Georgia campus. The UWG Pre-K has space for 86 students, three classes of 22 students each and one class of 20 students. Because there are always more children seeking spaces in the Pre-K than there are seats available, we use a lottery process as the fairest method of filling classes.

Education Annex
University of West Georgia

Director: Mary Reid, prek@westga.edu
Departmental Assistant: Jennifer West, jmwest@westga.edu

The UWG Pre-Kindergarten is a 180 day educational program funded by the Georgia Lottery, the University and reasonable tuition. The UWG Pre-K is regulated under guidelines set by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.




We are NAEYC accredited!