UWG Pre-K Home at The University of West Georgia

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Ms. Amanda

Welcome to our classroom! We have a lot of fun learning in our room. We do many hands on activities and enjoy many different experiences. We love to listen to stories and sing and dance. We also spend time in small group each day where we learn important skills that prepare us to learn to read when we go to kindergarten. We also focus on math skills like counting, shapes, patterns, etc. We look forward to the workroom each day where we choose what center we want to go to. We learn to make choices and to get along with others in the workroom. We love to go outside and play on the big playground where we have trikes and scooters and swings! After we have a good lunch, we are so tired that we lay down for rest time. We love to learn and have a great time at school. Stop by and visit with us anytime!