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Summer STEM Scholars Academy

Apply for the UWise Summer STEM Scholars Academy

Want to become a successful Science or Mathematics Major?

Are you an incoming freshman considering a major in Science or Mathematics? 

Are you interested in becoming a Physician, Dentist, Pharmacist, Engineer, Scientist, Mathematician, Statistician or any STEM professional

Are you interested in teaching Science or Mathematics

If yes, we invite you to apply for the UWise Summer STEM Scholars Academy that is designed to give you a head start towards a degree in these fields. The four week program will introduce you to campus resources and teach you critical skills that are necessary to succeed in college and become a successful STEM professional.


UWise Summer STEM Scholars Academy Details

Paving the Way to Success in Science and Mathematics at University of West Georgia    

The UWise Summer STEM Scholars Academy is a residential academic program. During the program, participants register for classes that focus Mathematics, as well as critical thinking, reading, and writing in English. Mastering these skills will help you succeed in your freshman courses, maintain your HOPE scholarship, and graduate with a Science and/or Mathematics degree on time.

To help prepare you for classes in Fall, you will take two college courses that can earn six college credits in the Summer STEM Scholars Academy that fulfill core curriculum requirements.

As part of the UWise Summer STEM Scholars Academy, students will:            


You must pay the tuition for your courses and all mandatory fees associated with your Summer semester courses. 

Contact in the UWG Financial Aid office at 678-839-6421 for HOPE eligibility and other financial aid questions.

For more information regarding the mandatory fees, check out the Bursar's website.

* If you are interested in applying for financial aid to help cover tuition and fees, you would need to complete that year's FAFSA.  For help with doing this or getting general financial aid information, contact Jessica Wiggins at jwiggins@westga.edu. 

Program Rules and Regulations

You will be expected to actively participate in all academic and social activities during the program, including Science Saturdays, with limited access to personal electronic gadgets, cell phones, computers, electronic games during class times. You will be required to become part of a year-long freshman learning community in Fall and Spring and take pre-selected courses with a cohort of UWise students. You need to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program.




Apply Now for the 2015 Summer STEM Scholars Academy (June 29- July 24, 2015)!!