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Academic Resources



The Department of Mathematics operates a free tutoring service called the Math Tutoring Center. The tutoring center is staffed by faculty and students who have demonstrated an understanding of the mathematics courses offered at this institution. The tutoring center is open to ANYONE who needs help in MATH 1001, MATH 1111, MATH 1112, MATH 1113, MATH 1413, and MATH 1634, etc. Click on the link above to see the tutoring center hours.


The csX Lab provides free, one-on-one peer tutoring for students seeking help in their computer science (CS) courses. Peer tutoring offers an excellent learning experience for tutors and students seeking help. Peer tutoring reinforces the tutor's knowledge of the subject matter and creates an excellent educational opportunity in a personal environment. csX assists students with common computer tasks and information relevant to computer science courses. csX may direct students seeking help to appropriate faculty and/or staff for additional assistance. Click on the link above to see the csX Lab hours.


The Biology Tutoring Center is located in room 262 of the Biology Building and provides free tutoring on a drop-in basis to students enrolled in the following biology courses:  1010, 1107, 1108, 1110, 2107, and 2108.  Sessions are conducted by fellow undergraduate students who have previously taken the course and have excelled in their understanding of the course materials.

Fall 2014 hours of operation:
Monday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: Closed



The Writing Center offers free tutoring to assist students with all areas of the writing process. The center is staffed by several well-qualified tutors, including faculty members of UWG and English graduate students. Tutors provide 30-mintute individual tutorials and welcome students from all disciplines, at any level. Click on the link above to see instructions on how to make an appointment for the Writing Center as well as to see the center's hours. 

The Center for Academic Success offers free tutoring in all core classes, major/career exploration, study skill help, and more. The center is committed to helping you get past the bumps and detours as you find your own direction. Think of it as roadside assistance for your college journey. Click on the link above to see the vast amount of resources available at the Center for Academic Success.

The goal of Ingram Library is to prepare students to meet the challenges of an information society. In order to achieve this goal, the recently renovated library offers several resources which UWG students, faculty and staff can access:  hundreds of books, over 50 research computers, 50 laptops available for checkout, copy machines, and printers, to name a few. Click on the link above to learn about Library Instruction Sessions, or click here to visit the library's home page.